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Custom Home Builder in Dallas: Remodel Your Kitchen, Bathroom, Attic, or Patio

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Kitchen Remodel
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Room Addition
Outdoor Kitchen

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Home Remodel
Custom Homes

~ Jason Haynsworth ~

"My wife and I purchased a 2700sf ranch home with the intent of a complete, custom remodel. Because we were planning on spending over $100,000 on the job, we spoke with 10+ contractors and decided to go with Mike for the project. The result was incredible. Mike went above and beyond what we expected and delivered an unbelievable result for us. Nearly every surface in the house was touched: new open-concept kitchen, 4 remodeled bathrooms... "


~ Lisa Hill ~

"Mike and his team were professional and courteous from the moment they arrived. His attention to details and experience really showed in the final product. Our 1950's bathroom was transformed into a modern space for less than we imagined. Mike made some great suggestions on how to save us money and worked 10 hour days to get the work done in our timeframe. Thanks to Mike and Unique Properties for a superior job."


~ Janene and Frank Gaynor ~

"Mike and Gilbert implemented the plan for our bathroom with particular attention to the details in tiling. A spectacular result - we love our bathroom!"


~ Cliff Sentell ~

"After seeing an example of Mike's work in the home of one of his references, I was impressed. But when I sit on the patio he rebuilt, I find it hard to remember what the old concrete area looked like. The tiling was expertly planned and laid, and everything was finished on time and on budget. I would highly recommend his team for any patio or tiling job."


~ Mark and Irene Riley ~

"Mike and his staff do an incredible job. He has done several renovations for my family: bathrooms, porch tiling, new rock siding, roofing, and installation of atrium doors for our kitchen. Mike is able to fix the unfixable. Our home which was built in 1983 has never been plum. It takes a real artist to renovate a place like that. Mike has that touch."


~ Albert Berman ~

"I am capable of solving problems, but I ran into something I did not want to face myself. It was matching the siding on my house that is no longer available. Mike, from Unique Properties came up with the SOLUTION. But his idea, good as it was, required so much ingenuity in the installation. I still don't understand how it was done, but I understand this. Mike is a real problem solver with the touch to create beautiful work..."


~ Steve and Ann Melton ~

"Mike did an excellent job on the renovation of our kitchen. He brought the job in on time and within budget. We recommend him without reservation."


~ Cecil and Cheryl Miller ~

"I love my new house! Well, it is not really a new house but it sure looks like one. From the addition of 1600 square feet upstairs which includes and entertainment room, bar, office, bedroom and two bathrooms to a complete kitchen remodel, I couldn't ask for better work. We have been through 3 remodels and this by far was the easiest to live through. Mike made sure his people were the least intrusive into our living space..."



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Custom Home Building in Dallas

You might have had this particular dream since you were a child. It is almost certain that you've been thinking about the details for years. Now you have purchased the lot or the teardown. The dream is going to come true. You are now faced with the most critical decision of the project. Choosing the right general contractor.

With Unique Properties there will be no guessing if you got it right, and no second guessing after you've made the decision. We are happy to provide you with as many local Dallas testimonials as you could possibly want that will attest to our reputation for integrity, quality, and delivery. Many of our clients have stayed in touch long after the work is done. And many have given us the greatest compliment of all. They've recommended us to their friends and family.

We will work with you from design to completion, handle all the local government issues, and make sure you are pleased with every part of the finished project. Call us now for a free consultation about your project.

Not doing a complete custom build? We can help with kitchen remodels in Dallas. See our article on Dallas Room Additions. We are also the right choice for backyard patios, garage conversions, carports, and roofs.

You're looking for a general contractor in the Dallas Metro area to help with a room addition, a custom home build, or help with an outdoor patio, kitchen or bath remodel. The hardest part is knowing who to trust. You want the job done right, on time, and in budget. But you have heard the horror stories. You may have even experienced them. Unique Properties Company has been building homes and helping folks with home remodels, patio installations and even handyman work throughout the entire Dallas Metro area. Our past clients are our best references. Please ask and we will supply as many referrals as you like.

If you are interested in creating a custom home from the ground up or a tear down and rebuild, or if you are adding a second story or a room addition, Unique Property Company can help you from the first day of planning. We will create the plan with you. Or, if you have plans in hand, we can give you a quote that you can be confident will be accurate in cost and time.

We are also happy to take a look at your smaller projects. If you need a wall built, repairs to your home or patio, concrete work, carpentry, doors hung or windows installed, we are ready to quickly answer the call. Many of our customers are installing more energy efficient windows, doors, or adding insulation to bring down their energy costs or contribute to reducing carbon in the atmosphere. These are projects that we are excited to participate in.

Then there are those little things here and there that just seem to pile up. Drywall repair, window repair, door not closing, old doors that need replacing. Give us a call and we'll come take care of all those irritating issues and they'll no longer stare at you as you pass them. No job is too small.

For the larger jobs, we know that sometimes it just isn't clear what the costs are likely to be, and you just want someone to consult with you on getting some reality in the idea. Will new double-pain windows cost $10,000 or $2000. Will our dream patio cost $2500 or $25,000. We will provide you with a no cost consultation to discuss your project at the earliest stages of your planning.

We are also very expert at doing tenant build-outs for commercial or industrial rental spaces. If your business needs someone to come and create 400 - 20,000 square feet of office and storage space, or as little as adding a dividing wall, we can provide you with everything from layout plans to finished and ready to move in.

Please give us a call for all your general contractor needs. We are a licensed general contractor located in a Dallas Suburb and do most of the work with our own staff. We do hire subcontractors for some work, but only use companies that we have come to trust since 1996 for doing this kind of work.

Check out our All New Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Section

Many homeowners in the Dallas area are updating their homes with fantastic new kitchens. These remodels are specially designed to:

We want to help you plan every part of your kitchen makeover. Part of our effort includes providing you with pages and pages of ideas for that new kitchen. Some of those tips and suggestions are right here on our website, and others can be found on our blog.

At any part in the process of designing and planning for your new kitchen, call us. We will sit down with you and talk about making all your dreams come true. We might even inspire you to consider improvements that you didn't know were possible.

If You Are Considering a Room Addition or a Complete Home Remodel, We Have Ideas For You

The most common room additions are bathrooms and bedrooms, but over the years we have seen many other fun rooms added to Dallas area homes. We decided to compile a list and to provide some idea starters that might give you and your family some starting points to help in designing new rooms for your future.

• Maids Quarters   • Teenagers private bedroom   • Laundry room   • Pantry
• Office   • Another office   • Another bedroom   • Home Theater
• Game Room   • Swimming Pool Room   • Workshop   • Spa
• Pool House   • Grandma's room   • Toy Room   • Art center
• Music studio   • Video production room   • Vanity   • Indoor gardening center
• Homeschool Classroom            

A Bathroom Remodel Can Help Seal the Deal When Selling - Add Luxury to Your Life if You're Staying.

High on most homeowner's wish lists when it comes to bathrooms:
  • A two sink vanity with great lighting for make up
  • A walk in closet with organizer
  • An all tile shower with steam and multiple shower heads
  • A huge tub with jacuzzi jets
  • A second bathroom for the kids or guest room
  • A half bath off the living room
Any one of these bathroom additions to your home could be the clincher when you are trying to sell the home. Most buyers are looking for a home that doesn't require major renovating. If the bathroom looks amazing, this could make all the difference. As you consider the possibilities, here are some things you may want to ponder:

But maybe you aren't selling anytime soon. There is no other spot in your home, other than the kitchen, where you can create more personal creature comforts than in existing bathrooms or creating new ones. We can help you get the most out of any budget and create a dream bathroom, with vanity and closets. Check out all the links highlighted above for more extensive articles on each subject.