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Room Addition or Remodel

Changes in life's circumstances bring about the need to create more space in the house or to rearrange what you have. Maybe your kids are getting older and sharing a room isn't an option anymore. Maybe your kids have moved out and the wall between the two bedrooms could torn out and you'd have a really nice bonus room.

Whatever is changing in your life, we'd like to help you make the perfect room addition or remodel to meet your needs.

The process starts with a no-cost or obligation meeting. We take a look at your space requirements and the available places to potentially add to or change things around. We brainstorm with you about the options and lay out a basic plan.

If you like the basic plan, we develop it into a specific and detailed contract that spells out exactly what we are going to do and what it will cost. We give you a good faith estimate on the time it will take to complete. Once we start the work, our job will be to take care of everything for you, and to stay out of your way as much as possible during construction.

Our reputation is for delivering room additions or remodels on time, on budget, and exactly as promised in every detail. We will be happy to provide you with references of our past work.

Are you thinking of building an addition when you remodel your Dallas home?

Perhaps your kids are getting bigger and need their own room and/or bathroom. Maybe Grandma is coming to stay for a while...(could even be more than a while). Or maybe you have always wanted a play room for your kids or utility room or home office or home theater. Now you are ready to get serious in making this dream happen. What will it cost? How long will it take? What part of the dream is reality and what part might need to happen in stages?  Is this a good time to borrow?

21 Ways You Can Add a Room that Everyone Will Rave About

You might already know exactly what the next room in the house should be.  But it will be less costly, less hassle, and better all around to do multiple new rooms and any remodeling at the same time, than to do it piecemeal.  So, lets do some brainstorming.  And if I left out any great ideas, please add yours in the comments.  
  1. Teenagers private bedroom - Can you imagine the possibilities?  Hidden closets, media centers, fully wired in, any color paint they want, storage for sports equipment so it isn't cluttering up the garage any more.  Invite them to help with the planning.  Undoubtedly they will come up with out-of-the-box ideas that will increase the fun. Go CRAZY!
  2. Pantry - Cut down on trips to the market.  A 5 X 8 pantry with a freezer will allow you to stock up for the next natural disaster.  Make it bigger and include a sink, breadboard, and work station.  Carefully consider what you might want to store in the pantry so that you can plan out cupboards, closets, and shelves. WOW!
  3. Home Office - For some this is the best room in the house.  Who would use the office.  Design it 100% to their taste.  Music, internet, game table, lighting systems.  If this is to be a business work space, build in all the systems necessary to make this office a model of efficiency, and a place you will love to spend your work day. Say, "My Space."
  4. Another office - Maybe you both need an office.  His and Hers.  This other office may not look or feel anything like the first one.  Two personalities, two completely different offices.  
  5. Home Theater - 72" 3D Wall Mounted Screen with Surround Sound, fully wifi, Game systems, Apple TV control unit, theater seats, special lighting & acoustics, soundproof.  That could be just the start or it might be all you need.  If your kids are young, make sure you plan for the time when they are older.  You'll always prefer to have their friends come to your house, and they will certainly want to if this room is done right. Nice!
  6. 28.
  7. Game Room - Just a matter of how big you can make it.  Pool, Ping Pong, Air Hockey, Darts, bowling alley, indestructible furniture, game consoles, arcade games, Card tables. Lighting is critical for a room like this.  Consider some of the new Mood lights that allow you to change color and brightness in a wide range.  Flooring is critical.  Shuffling feet will wear out carpet.  Hardwood is slippery with socks.  Maybe a super durable indoor-outdoor carpet.  Ready, set...
  8. Swimming Pool Room - You think this is just for the really wealthy?  Why should it be?  Putting up a simple structure around your pool may cost less than you think, and add value to the home. Why limit your pool enjoyment to the summer months? Marco Polo anyone?
  9. Spa - Can't go for the full pool? At least create a relaxing environment that will delight your whole family and visiting friends. Your cedar or Spanish tile spa could have an over sized tub with jacuzzi jets, full jacuzzi, multiple fancy shower heads, steam/sauna generator, music, and more.
  10. Pool House - You've got a pool?  How about a pool house for guest to change and shower.  No more wet feet on your new rugs.  Also store pool equipment and toys. Add a 5 X 5 steam room.
  11. Grandma's room - Or it could be grandpa or both.  Maybe it is your aging son who hasn't launched yet.  Add a bathroom and a private entry.  Involve the future occupant in the design planning.  Some of these folks may be pretty stuck in their ways.  Your choice if you charge rent. 
  12. Art center - Is someone in the house a arts and/or crafts person?  You can bet they would love to have a place to set up, spread out, organize and store supplies.  Each type of art or craft has special tables, lighting and other needs.  Make the room as specific or interchangeable as the circumstances require.  Scrapbooking maybe?
  13. Music studio - Not so much into art?  Your gift is music.  Today you can set up a really nice professional studio for very little money.  Then decorate to set the mood for creative writing, playing or singing. Soundproof, pre-wired.  Hit Play!
  14. Video production room - YouTube is making folks rich.  Hard to create the very best stuff without the lighting, green screens, and acoustics under control.  Lights, action ....
  15. Indoor gardening center - This room might pay for itself.  Save big bucks and enjoy fresh produce year round. You can grow many vegetables, legumes, fruits, and spices under the lights. Use the room to store equipment for the outside gardening too.  
  16. Laundry room - Tired of trying to find room to turn around in the current laundry hallway or in front of the cars?  Everything at your fingertips in a 6 X 8 laundry room.  Add TV.  Kids might even help.
  17. Workshop - You don't have a basement and there's no room in the garage to really build stuff?  Create a fully loaded workshop room from the ground up with places for every tool, and plenty of room to work.  This might be a good place to use plenty of soundproofing materials.  Make sure you have plenty of power and outlets, too.  An exhaust system will also help. 
  18. Vanity - Maybe there isn't room in your master bedroom to create a master bath suite.  Create a new room for all the ladies in the house to pamper themselves.  Lighting!  It is all about lighting?  Don't scrimp on the quality of the mirrors.  Many, many drawers and lots of table top.
  19. Another bathroom - But this time it isn't just for guests.  Luxury tub and showers.  Full environmental cabinet or just a steam shower.  Maybe a bidet'.  Oui Oui 
  20. Toy room - If you have or plan to have kids under 12, the toy box is or will be running over.
    The Toy Room as a Room Addition
    There is no room in the room for the kid.  Set up a room for the toys with lots of storage.  Make it really cool with a special place to "camp out." Wire it for every possible game and media center.  See you later, kids.
  21. Homeschool classroom - If you homeschool, you don't want to have to put it all away every day and you don't want to leave it out all the time.  Set this room up once like a classroom. Plenty of whiteboards, cupboards, drawers, and table tops.  Outdoor lighting is best. 
  22. Maids quarters - Could also serve for a nurse as needed, room for foreign exchange students, guest room, or boomerang room for returning adult child.  Room and a bath.