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Attic Conversions & Remodeling in Dallas, TXAll that space just begging to be put to better use. Your attic may be a fantastic source of creative expansion of your home to provide rooms, storage, or other benefits at a very low cost.

Would your attic make a great rumpus room, or a hide out for your kids. Maybe it would be a hideout for Mom or Dad to get away to study, sew, or work. Build the attic out completely and turn it into a money maker by renting it out. Or maybe you just need to create a better system for storage in the attic.

We’ll be happy to come out and dream the possibilities with you. We’ve done this before, and so we understand the zoning and homeower’s association issues, the details to take into consideration, and can give you a realistic cost analysis.

The Attic Conversion Process

Many of us have attic space overhead, but few of us actually use that space for anything worthwhile. If you’re considering converting your attic into usable space, say for storage or as another bedroom, then consider our attic conversion process in Dallas, TX. Unique Home Build will work with you to design the perfect attic addition. No matter the style or purpose of the room, our experts will guarantee outstanding results!

Important Attic Conversion Considerations

When converting an attic, a few considerations come into play. For example, we need to consider space requirements, energy efficiency, and airflow. For space, will there be enough room for all you wish to accomplish? If not, we must consider the limitations during the design process. For energy efficiency and airflow, proper ventilation and insulation are key for the area. We’ll consider each step and work with you to provide results you can enjoy for the future!

Why Choose Us

Unique Home Build is wholly committed to the success of your household. We know that things change over the years, and your taste may evolve. If that happens, give us a call. We’ll work with you personally to design and build attic conversions and remodeling in Dallas, TX. We promise to complete a high-quality, thorough job for your home!

If you’re considering attic conversions or remodeling in Dallas, TX, go with the best in the business. Call Unique Home Build at 214-533-0716 today!