How Do I Convince My Husband that We NEED to Remodel Our Kitchen?

You probably don’t need me to help you with the reasons to do a major makeover or complete remodel of your kitchen You’ve been staring at that old kitchen for a year or a decade and thinking it is so 80’s or so needing paint or so small.  But your husband may not agree.  He may think a new roof is more important or a new backyard entertainment center.  Or maybe he just doesn’t want to be bothered.   You’ve tried pretty much every approach in the book, and he’s still not on board.  Before you bring out the big guns, check out these great arguments:

1.  Kitchen remodels are one of the few things you can do to your home that will make it worth more that the cost of the remodel.  If you should decide to sell in the next 3-5 years, the money you put into the kitchen will help you get top dollar for your home, and help to sell it faster.

When folks look at a house, the wife generally gets her entire impression in the first two minutes.  Much of that impression comes from the view as she enters the door, and her first look at the kitchen.  If she is looking for an excuse to leave at that point, it probably won’t matter if there is a jacuzzi in the master bath or not.

You can spend a little on the kitchen and make it look nice.  Or you can spend a huge amount and make the kitchen a modern masterpiece of culinary spender with center island, the latest in counter tops, and Italian marble on the floors.  Of course, there is also many options in between these extremes.  Figure out the budget, and you can have a great new look at almost any budget you choose.

Electrical Usage Per Month2.  New kitchen appliances are substantially more efficient and better at their task than the ones you have now.  You will save money on everything from lighting to refrigeration to the dishwasher.  Your new microwave, stove, and refrigerator will all have exciting new features that will save time and money.

Does this mean that the kitchen will pay for itself in savings?  Not at all.  However, even if the energy savings is only $30 a month, that helps.

3.  Interest rates are at record lows right now.  You may be able to refinance your home, take out enough additional money for the kitchen remodel, and keep your monthly payment the same as before.

This is becoming more true with each passing month.  Home prices in Dallas are going up and up.  Refinance rates are super low.  Here is a post we did on the subject that you might want to read.

«««How to Refinance Your Remodel with the Same Monthly Payment as You Have Now.

4.  Here is your chance to open up the space some.  If you can expand into your yard, you might even be able to add a center island.  Almost any cook will tell you that the center island is a huge blessing.  The expansion might also add to the sink area, resulting in enough room for double sinks.

Another great potential if there is room to expand is to create space for more cabinets.  Remember that one of the first rules of remodeling is to seriously consider the most cabinet space you will ever use, and what will go in those cabinets.  Then you build around that maximum.

5.  A bright new kitchen will actually change your mood every time you go near it.  You know what I’m talking about.  Every time you walk into a dingy, worn out room, your mood goes South.  When you open the drawers and the sliders aren’t working right, and when you have to get down on all fours to reach deep into the pantry for a pot or pan, you’re trying to keep your Sunday language habits.

It is absolutely amazing what a change will happen with new lighting, cabinets, maybe a couple of pot drawers, and a lazy susan in each corner.  Then add pull out shelves in the pantry and new dishwasher that actually gets the dishes clean.  Wow!  No more kitchen blues.

6.  If the kitchen is inviting, your family will be more likely to congregate there.  You may or may not want them underfoot while you are cooking, but clearly the kitchen is almost always a place everyone can agree on for real conversations.

7.  While you are making the changes, add a pass through window for moving things to the patio.  In fact, maybe you and your husband could agree to two new kitchens.  One for inside and one for outside.  Entertaining becomes so much more fun when he’s doing the cooking on his new manly man barbeque.

8.  One of you will have one less thing to fuss about.  One of you will have one less thing to be nagged over.  We don’t want to suggest that you have been doing any fussing or nagging or using any other feminine wiles on the man of the house.  But just in case you have so done, he might need to be reminded of how when Momma is happy, everyone is happy.

9.  If you use Unique Home Construction for your contractor, you get an amazing job and a new friend for life.  It is absolutely amazing how many folks we have done work for that are now much more than a client.  We have an attitude that we are going to do your work, whether kitchen, bath, outdoor barbeque, or complete tear down and start over, with the same care and dedication we would use if we were doing it for our own home.

10.  Your friends will be oohing and aahing over your new kitchen for years to come. But that’s not important.  Right?

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