Additional Electrical Tools

Imagine What A Few Additional Electrical and Other Wall Outlets Would Do for You

Twenty years ago, all you needed was electrical outlets, but one thing for sure, they were never where you needed them to be.  Now we need cable, telephone, WiFi, speakers, and sometimes, computer cable.  I have made a science of this over the years, and I still don’t have enough outlets.

My journey began with Christmas lighting and my garage.  I was so tired of trying to find ways to get electrical power to the lights, that one year I just decided to put power everywhere.  I did it myself, but even if I’d had it done, the cost would not have been more than a few hundred dollars.  Now I have years of easy installation of the light display under my belt and many more years to enjoy that little expenditure.

Later I was putting in a kitchen and a sun room.  How many outlets did I want.  LOTS.  I have no idea what the extra expense was, but compared to the $50,000 I was spending on the whole kitchen remodel and sun room addition, the cost for even a dozen extra outlets was negligible.  Now I only require one power strip for the computers in the sun room.  No other extension cords for any other purpose.

Sure, things are getting more and more wireless all the time.  However, my single WiFi outlet is not strong enough for my entire house.  Having a second or third location only costs less than $100 each.  How much am I spending each month for fast internet, only to slow it down again if I don’t pay for those satellite WiFi stations?

Surround sound speaker wires and house wide speaker systems.  New wireless speakers are getting better and better, but the ones I can afford aren’t ready for prime time. Why not hard wire the obvious spots and not fight with unsightly wires running along molding and such?

Many of these projects are smart, really smart, even when you are not doing other remodeling to your home or room additions.  However, a word to the wise here:  If you are already inside the walls, add way more wire, outlets, and such than you think you’ll ever need.  You’ll thank me for it over and over.

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