A Good Contractor Is One Key In A Good Kitchen Remodel

You might only remodel a kitchen once in your life. A really well designed kitchen might last 25 years or longer without needed a major facelift. When you decide to take this big step, you want to have a general contractor coming along side you who has an impeccable reputation for integrity, quality, and completing jobs on time and within budget.
You also want someone who will listen to your dreams and goals for the project without preconceived notions or preferences for certain approaches that might differ from your inclinations.
With Unique Properties there will be no guessing if you got it right, and no second guessing after you’ve made the decision. We are happy to provide you with as many local Dallas testimonials as you could possibly want that will attest to our reputation for integrity, quality, and delivery. Many of our clients have stayed in touch long after the work is done. And many have given us the greatest compliment of all. They’ve recommended us to their friends and family.
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The following information about homeoners tips for a kitchen remodel was found on cultivate.com.  Click here for more cultivate articles about kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Remodel Tips from Homeowners Who Learned the Hard Way

When it comes to kitchen remodels, hard lessons are often expensive lessons—and who’s got the time or budget for that? The wisest thing you can do when embarking on a kitchen remodel is seek advice from those who completed one already—friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Ask them what mistakes they made and what they wish they did differently. If their shared advice can help you avoid even just one mistake, well, then that’s more money that stays in your wallet. To get you started, we talked to Cultivate readers who recently came out of the trenches.

Add Accent Lighting

“We asked for more recessed lighting than the builder proposed because we wanted lots of light, but I wish we went with pendant lights over work areas instead. Not only would they have provided more directed light for food prep, but they would have helped make the overall space feel cozier.”
—Sara Kimball, San Antonio, TX

Don’t Skimp on Drawers

“Be sure to use full-extension glides on all your drawers (you’ll want the back of the drawer to pull out beyond the lip of the counter) and insist on the most heavy duty glides possible. The better hardware seems like an investment upfront, but it pays out over the long run. Glides are used daily, and the higher quality makes all the difference in function and durability.”
—Anne-Marie Lamarche, Capitola, CA

Measure Twice, Cut One

“Opt for the best finishes you can afford, and make sure to ‘measure twice, cut once.’ Our cabinets had to be cut down after they were installed to accommodate the refrigerator, which wasn’t happy for anyone involved.”
—Rebecca Watkins, Villa Park, IL

Focus on Details

“I learned that space-saving details, like shelving in unused corners and shallow pantry storage in an adjacent hallway is one of the best things you can do for small kitchens. A combination microwave/oven, an electric cooktop that doubles as a workspace when not in use, and aluminum slatted shelving over the sink to drain dishes makes the most of a small space.”
—Shereen Taylor, New York City, NY

Go Picture Shopping

“Look at lots of pictures of kitchens before you begin to find out what you like and don’t like. Then, stay completely away from what you don’t like.”
—Chris Okazaki, Greenwood Village, CO

Contractor is Key

“Choosing the right contractor is key to a successful kitchen remodel. I’ve heard the nightmares. Luickly, our contractor was on the job daily supervising the work. He provided great resources for materials, kept the work on schedule, and patiently dealt with problems as they arose—which they always do. He was available and responsive at all times. If we hadn’t hired the right contractor our remodel would have been a nightmare.”
—Suzanne Evans, Salt Lake City, UT

Fridge First

“Choose a fridge first. It’s the kitchen’s bulkiest item, so once you’ve determined its size and, more importantly, where it will go, the rest of the design flows from there.”
—Christophe Rat, Orinda, CA

Try a Test Run

“Before we started our remodel, my wife and I went to friends’ houses and cooked meals on their ranges to truly understand which appliance we wanted. I even carried my hard-to-fit stemware and large plates to the showroom to do some trial dishwasher loading before finally settling on the one to purchase.”
—Garth Jensen, Denver. CO

Bright Space = Light Surfaces

“There are ways to make a dark kitchen light—without breaking the bank. Choose white painted cabinets and use reflective surfaces, like stainless steel and Vetrazzo, for countertops. Multiple sources of light (including undercounter lighting, recessed lighting and pendants) can turn a dark space into a warm, inviting room.”
—M.J. Pritchett, Piedmont, CA

Check Emotions at the Door

“Don’t let sentimentality compromise your design. I’d always liked the tile backsplash in my kitchen so I kept it when we remodeled, but now it makes the entire project look dated.”
—Jackie Pritchett, Boise, ID

Splurge on Custom Cabinets

“Be sure to include special drawers/cabinets. I have one drawer with two layers for silverware that I love—but I wish I included more!”
—Michelle Loosli, Arlington, VA

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