When Should You Add Rooms On to Your Home? Why Not Now?

Room Additions
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Are you remodelling your Dallas home? You should consider doing a room addition.

There are plenty of reasons to build an addition on your home. Is your family getting bigger? Maybe you need another bedroom or bathroom. A shift in careers might cause you to need a home office. Maybe you have some extra money lying around and finally want to move forward on that game room or home theater you always wanted. Regardless of what kind of room you want, it’s time to make it a reality. Start your planning by figuring out costs, length of construction, how quickly you can get started, and whether or not you should borrow money to finance it.


21 Ideas For Adding a Beautiful New Room 

Even if you already have the perfect new room in mind to add to your home, remember that grouping together multiple room additions or a room addition and general remodeling is cheaper and easier than doing one at a time. Without further ado, take a look at the list.

  1. Game Room – The possibilities are endless, and the bigger the better. Choose from a combination of video game stations, a poker table, old school arcade games, a pool table, a bowling alley, and much much more. Bonus: after the kids are asleep, you’ll have it all to yourself.
  2. Pantry – Prepare for natural disasters with a 5 x 8 pantry and freezer. This can also help you make less trips to the market or free up some much needed space in your kitchen.
  3. Art center – Have an artist in the family? Give them a place to make their magic happen. Put in a drafting table, storage for paint and brushes, and tons of surface space for all of the beautiful work.
  4. Vanity – No room in your master bedroom to fit a master bath suite? Give the ladies of the house their own big space to get ready for the next big event.
  5. Music studio – Professional quality home studios these days are incredibly cheap and simple to set up. Don’t let your talents go to waste! Pre-wire, soundproof, and furnish an awesome place for the musician in you to jam out any time of the day.
  6. Teenagers private bedroom – Fulfill your child’s biggest fantasies. a great new sleeping or working area, every color of the rainbow on the walls, fun and inventive storage spaces, or maybe even a reading nook. Let the imagination run wild.
  7. Pool Room – These are not just for the rich and the famous. Enjoy a late night swim year round, wherever you are.
  8. Home Theater – 72″ 4K Curved Wall Mounted Smart TV? Check. Surround Sound? Check. Theater seats? Check. Game systems, special lighting & acoustics, soundproof. Go nuts!
  9. Pool House – Tired of wet carpets and having pool toys everywhere? A pool house is the perfect fix. Add a changing room, a shower, or even a steam room.
    Pool House
  10. Guest room – Whether you need to house relatives for the holidays, want to give friends a bed when they need one, or want to make a little passive income, an extra bedroom has so many great implementations. Add a bathroom and a private entry.
  11. Office – Do you or your wife work from home? Design the office to fully fit the needs of the user. For some this is the best room in the house. You can include a killer sound system, a custom desk, lighting systems or high speed internet. Say, “My space.”
  12. Spa – Can’t put in a full pool? Imagine, then, a Spanish tile or cedar spa complete with an oversized tub and powerful jacuzzi jets. How about a steam room and a killer music system?
  13. Toy room – Kids are messy and leave their toys anywhere and everywhere. Give them a specific place to run wild. Make sure to have plenty of storage and floor space.
  14. Indoor gardening center – Home gardens are all the craze these days. You can save big bucks on the grocery bill and have delicious fresh produce. Have your cake, er, tomatoes, and eat it too. This room might pay for itself!
  15. Maids quarters – Could also serve for a nurse as needed, room for foreign exchange students, guest room, or boomerang room for returning adult child.  Room and a bath. 
  16. Another bathroom – Is everyone in the house fighting over shower and mirror time? Have some fun, put in a big spa tub, a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly shower, or keep it simple.
  17. Another office – Maybe you both need an office.  His and Hers.
  18. Workshop – For the Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor in all of us. If you love DIY home improvement projects but your garage is already cluttered, take on a new project and give yourself a unique space for all your projects in the future. Complete with big work spaces, tool boxes, and of course, power tools. “Ugh Ugh!”
  19. Video production room – Like a music studio, video production rooms are getting cheaper to install by the day. Start a great new vlog series and get your YouTube career started. Get your lighting and acoustics set up and get that camera rolling.
  20. Homeschool classroom – No homeschool parent wants to put school away everyday, and you definitely don’t want to always leave it out. Make life easy and give you and your kids a real classroom. More conducive for learning, studying too!
  21. Laundry room – Contain the sound of that noisy dryer. Have everything for doing your laundry exactly where you need it in a modest 6 x 8 laundry room. Add a folding table and a TV and get the kids to help!

With a few more hours of work, this list could keep on going. Are any of these rooms something you can’t live without now? Did we miss any? Leave suggestions in the comments.


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