The Average American Spends Five Plus Hours PER DAY Watching TV

I’m not here to bust your chops about how long you spend in front of the boob tube.  Rather, in our effort to share wisdom of the ages with you, this fact should effect a major purchase in your home related to all that TV watching.  Next to your bed, and maybe your office chair, you will spend more time in your TV Chair than anywhere else during the course of your life.  Thus, if your TV chair provides you with the most comfort, and maybe some extra perks to boot, it would make sense to be very deliberative in selecting the chair, and a few extra dollars for something attached t

Sitting Chair

o your body 35 plus hours a week would make sense. 

My personal favorite is cheap, lightweight, and minimalist.  The Poang chair fits my body like a glove and I can sit in for hours without any problem.  You can buy it on ebay or at Ikea for  around $100 or so, and it is available with an ottoman.  

It doesn’t have any vibration, refrigerator storage, warmers, motors, tables, cup holders or accessories.  The design makes it springy, but not so much that you turn it into a rocker.  The good news on this one:  Nothing is going to break.  You can wash the fabric.  If you hate it, you’re only out $100, and maybe someone else in the family will like it.

Let’s head to the other end of the spectrum.  

Ovei (£50,000)

Got £50,000 ($80,000) to spare on a personal entertainment experience? Then you’ll need the Ovei. It’s a custom made entertainment pod for one offering you an enclosed space to watch, play and relax according to, well, whatever your whim. It’s rather hard to argue when you’re stumping up with that level of wad.

Designed by Lee McCormack and engineered by McLaren Applied Technologies, those of F1 fame, each capsule is bespoke and hand crafted to client specifications. Users will be able to set it up with any kit they want from a PS3 to Xbox to media server as well as choosing the colour and interior. Oh, and the small screen you can see in the image? That’s just the remote. Usually, most people opt for a whacking great TV inside as well. Expect to see them, er, well nowhere, really.

In between, there are 1000’s of choices.  Some are designed more for video games than for TV.  Others are so comfy with leather, heat, and vibration that I suspect even Bill O’Reilly yelling at a liberal might not keep me awake.  But I grew up believing  that my Poppy’s La-z- Boy was the smartest invention ever (though his automatic garage door was a close second), so what is La-z-Boy doing to help us watch TV today?

ChairSo, after checking around, I found this bad boy.  I’m guessing that this could double as a bed and triple as a love seat.  You could maybe get three grand kids and you in this chair.

Just looking at that chair makes me feel good.  And unless the folks at La-Z-Boy have forgotten the craft, this $2200 chair probably has some serious soft and plush leather.  $2200 sounds like a lot, but over the course of one year, that is only a little over a buck an hour.  Your likely to own this thing for 30 years.  Now you’re down to 5¢ an hour.  

Here’s the critical issue.  After you treat yourself to a bath sheet and the best shower head in the world, find the chair that fits you perfectly for wasting 22% of your life watching sitcoms and football.  (And I’ll be sitting in my family room doing the exact same thing).

While your here, please note that if you need a really cool room for this chair and your TV, and you need to remodel or add on to do so, we are as good at building as La-Z-Boy is at leather work.  We’ll be more than happy to discuss all your dreams and give you a feeling for what it might cost to get those dreams to come true.  Call and ask for Michael at:

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