3 Rooms to Remodel to Boost Your Home ValueEven if you’re not trying to sell your home, undertaking a home remodel project now can save you time and money down the line. The kitchen, garage, and attic are essential areas to spruce up with DIY tweaks and extensive renovations. Here are a few ideas to help you take advantage of your space and increase your home’s value.

Every Home Remodel Needs an Upgraded Kitchen

You can boost your home’s value on any budget by revamping the kitchen. Why the kitchen? Most of us start out the day by revitalizing ourselves with a good breakfast and close the day with conversation at the kitchen table. It’s often the liveliest room, besides the den, and is perfect for socializing with guests over snacks or a cup of coffee. A survey conducted by Visual Capitalist found that millennial home shoppers place a luxury kitchen in their top-five must-haves. The kitchen is the hub of your home, and outdated appliances, old oak cabinets, and chipped countertops greatly decrease its value. (The good news news: ROI on a mid-range kitchen remodel is around 80%.)

Redoing your kitchen might seem daunting, so it’s important to start by making a plan. First, take into consideration the space you can work with. If you own an apartment or condo, focus on making your tiny kitchen feel less utilitarian without sacrificing functionality. If you own a home, consider blowing out a full or half wall to create a roomier, more streamlined kitchen. Find a theme and stick to it; smaller spaces exaggerate clashing colors and textures. New flooring, light fixtures, quartz or granite countertops, a fresh coat of paint, and stainless-steel appliances will breathe life into a kitchen of any size.

Give Your Home TLC by Fixing the Garage

When you’re planning a home remodel, don’t forget the garage. The garage offers one of the best ROIs for home renovations (replacing your garage door offers an ROI of 97%) and increases curb appeal. Keeping your vehicles safe from inclement weather should be top priority. If you don’t have a garage, and the interior of your home is up to snuff, adding a garage is a great way to boost your home’s value. Most families are buying bigger cars, and SUVs leave little room for extra storage and crafting space. It costs anywhere between $23,000 to $35,000 on average to build a two- or three-car garage, so working with an expert building company is important.

Modernizing an existing garage can be simple and cost effective. Replacing the outdated two-car garage door for a motorized four-section garage door typically costs under $4,000. A more attractive garage door makes your home look more expensive. You can save money on heating costs by adding weather stripping to an uninsulated garage door. Many older garages have defects in their flooring, so repairing cracks with a filler or restoring the concrete foundation is key.

Convert Your Attic Into a Cozy Space

Attics are often an overlooked gem in home remodel projects. As the housing market becomes increasingly expensive, millennial home buyers want more bang for their buck. More young adults are living at home or moving back in after college. Turning your old attic into an extra bedroom makes your home more modern and functional. Even a tiny attic alcove can neatly store a twin bed with shelving and wall hooks for storage. On the other hand, if you don’t have a basement, you already missed the mark for most home buyers. Convert your attic into a rumpus room to boost your home’s value.

There are a few benefits to working with a professional building company for this remodel project. Most importantly, the structure and ceiling height must be up to code. Repairing insulation and adding ventilation are easier with the help of a pro. If you choose to go the DIY route, there are a few steps you should take to make your attic an asset. First, ensure that you have an easy way to enter and exit the attic. Add a metal handrail to make your attic ladder more accessible. Prevent pest problems by neatly storing all your items in clear plastic bins.

Work With an Experienced Home Remodel Company

If you need a professional opinion on boosting your home’s value, look no further than Unique Home Construction. We are a full-service home construction company with more than 22 years of experience helping clients in the Dallas area remodel their homes. Our team of experts handle all aspects of your home remodeling project, from drafting quality design plans to reviewing local building codes. For a free estimate, give us a call today at (214) 533-0716 or e-mail us at info@UniqueHomeBuild.com.

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