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Whatever Your Responsibilities Are in Your Home, This Advice Will Make A Huge Difference

We build homes and rooms and remodel those rooms.  Generally our clients want to add on or improve a room to make it more useful, modern, and attractive.  Once our job is done, there are inexpensive ways that you can make your life more fun, or comfortable, or reduce strress.

You can read here about the use of bath sheets, and here about shower heads.  We last discussed the TV chair.  If you haven’t read those articles yet, we think you’ll be surprised at how a better towel, shower head, or TV chair might improve your life.

Next we take on another relatively inexpensive method of making your life better.  Whatever your responsibilities are in the home and/or whatever your hobbies are, invest in a full range of the very best tools for the job.

1.  Make a list of the items that would make the hobby or chore faster, more efficient, or just more fun.  A concentrated research effort is more likely to result in finding new tools or recalling others you need.  With this list you can determine just what it would cost to be fully outfitted.  Then you can choose to buy them all, give out lists for gifts, or set a priority list and budget.

Kitchen Makeover

2.  More expensive than the tools themselves in some cases, create a well organized place to store all the tools.  Take into consideration the tools you intend to buy in planning this space.  Similar to planning a kitchen makeover, you want to plan out every possible kitchen tool that you’ll ever want, before planning the new cabinet and drawer layout.

3.  In some cases, you may want to build a room around your hobby with built in spaces for the tools.  This is where you call us to come and find the best way accomplish your goals.  For outdoor kitchens, yard and garden tools, and bigger hobbies, you may want to build a shed or outdoor closets.

Let us know if we can be of any help in planning or building some of these spaces.

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