5 Awesome Attic Remodel IdeasHome improvements of all kinds will give your house a lift and often increase your property value. You can modernize a bathroom, upgrade kitchen appliances, or simply organize your garage. But there is one home improvement idea that’s often overlooked, and that could completely transform your living space.

We’re talking about attic remodels. When you take an attic that is just storing extra junk and make it into a beautiful additional living space, you create a new and exciting destination that you have access to every day. Here are five awesome attic remodel ideas to consider.

The Getaway

Attics often have room for more than just an extra bed. Imagine this – your own private getaway. A place where you can go and unwind. A place nobody junks up, and that is all yours. Aaahhh. One way to embrace this idea is to use an open design. Instead of breaking the space up with walls, leave the space wide open and create sitting areas around the room.

Use lower furniture to make the room feel larger – low couches, bean bags, or even a low daybed. White walls make the room seem even bigger, and lights of all types make the room glow. From there, add the personal touches that make it yours – a yoga mat, a TV, a bookshelf. Surround yourself with items and objects you love, and that make you feel pampered.

The Man Cave – Every Man’s Dream

Boys of all ages seem to have “stuff” that they love, but that doesn’t quite fit the living room’s decor. Gaming consoles, toy car collections, guns, guitars, an old recliner. You know, guy stuff. If your attic has space for it, take advantage!

The critical pieces for a man cave are, of course: seating and a giant TV. Throw that old recliner upstairs, move in a comfy couch, or get some movie chairs. And for the TV, bigger is always better. Darker colors go well in a man cave (after all, “cave” is in the name). Add a bar, a couple of bar stools, and a sign, and your man just got his own space for entertaining. Happiest man alive.

The Studio Apartment

Take full advantage of the square footage of your attic and create a studio apartment. If laid out properly, you can fit so much more than just a bed. A home office can own one corner of the attic. A library can dominate another. And of course, you’re going to need an entertainment space.

If you’re able to, add a kitchenette and a bathroom to really make this space complete. Your attic becomes an entire apartment at the top of your house. You could rent it out if you wanted to, or give your older teenager a space of his/her own.

The Nook

Not all attics are created equal. When the attic design has an unusual layout or space is limited, you can design around these structural features and turn the attic into a cozy nook.

Tuck the bed where you don’t need as much clearance for your head. Use built-ins to maximize space efficiency. Plan the open parts of the floor around the highest sections of the ceiling. Done correctly, you will feel snug instead of crammed, and your attic will become a wonderful place to enjoy some alone time – the perfect place to curl up with a blanket and a book.

Multiple Beds – Guest Room +

Your attic bedroom doesn’t have to house permanent residents. You can turn it into the ultimate guest room instead. In most cases, if you have room for a queen bed, you have room for two twin beds. Making this change adds versatility to the attic’s design and gives you flexibility with sleeping arrangements when you have guests.

You can expand on the idea by building other comforts into the attic with a bathroom — or at least a sink — and built-ins for closet space.

There are so many more possibilities for your attic space – an art studio, a craft room, a designer closet. Let your imagination run wild. The space is already in your home – use it!

When you want to transform your attic, you need a great idea and the skills to execute the change. We can help with both. At Unique Home Construction, we have the expertise to turn your dreams into the perfect attic space. Contact us today at 214-225-6026 or fill out the form online.

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