In warm climates, trees are the relief we are desperate for as we embrace the comfort of their shade.  But it’s also not long before we begin to see them as the enemy.  It’s not uncommon for us to find, purchase a home and fall right in love with it.  It’s beautiful. Maybe it’s the very classic antique character or perhaps it’s the modern architecture.   You draw the papers, go through the tiresome process and poof!  You are the proud home owner. 

But wait.  

Hold on….   it’s DARK in there!  Those beautiful trees (or even unique form) have unknowingly created quite a cave.  But you love it, so now what?

Don’t you worry.  This has all happened before.  

That’s why I want to leave you with 5 easy ways to make your dark home brighter – and hopefully even keep the trees! 

1. More Windows!

Adding large and plenty of windows allows more possibility for the light to enter in.  This is especially helpful if you are dealing with low ceilings or deep eaves.  Consider walls near fire places or even in the kitchen, replacing a  section of your cabinets with an extra or larger window instead.  Another place to add window is in a stairway or landing.  This is great because the light is able to reach in and bring a bright warmth from top to bottom.  Bonus here?  Add some brighter colored painting to the stairwell and landing as well.  When the light comes in, it will bounce of the bright accent colors and leave the area looking more cheerful as well. 

2.  Tubular Day lighting or Skylights

Basically the miniature version of skylights, tubular day lighting devices (TDD’s) are a fantastic option for places that need more light but want to remain private- like bathrooms or walk in closets. Larger skylights are great to brighten up dark kitchens, attic spaces, bedrooms and the upper halls and landings.  These are a great option but also bring in a lot more heat.  So I would suggest placing them in the cooler areas of the house and also the West or Northwest facing areas; as it’s more enjoyable to have the welcome of morning sun enter in rather the heat of the evening sun.  

3.  Glass Doors

This is a great option for both front and back entries.   It allows more light and looks very classy and welcoming.  However, some may feel concerned about their privacy.  If that’s the case, there are many options, such as reeded or etched glass, for maintaining privacy while allowing light in. Another idea would be to place some white or sheer curtains along the door to pull shut in times when you’d rather not be seen as well.   

4. Nice Doors for the Inside Too 

Interior doors are helpful to us as they not only separate one area (visually) from another, but they also provide soundproofing, which has proven to be very beneficial in today’s open floor plans. So why not replace those heavy solid doors with some lovely french doors?  French doors can separate a long hall from a family room quite easily while also providing a way for rooms to share more light and avoid shutting other rooms off, leaving the space looking open and beautiful.  I have to say, they look quite nice as well!

5.  Color & Mirrors

I understand that some of those modern fixes may be too much for the bank.   So here is my most budget friendly point.  Add color and mirrors.  If this is all you can do, do it well!   Many may say that adding brighter color to a dark room is your best bet.  However, this tends to back fire and the color looks muted and muddy. Sometimes your best option is to embrace the dark room and fill it with rich color.  This allows you to enhance it’s naturally cozy nature instead of hitting the – um – wall, repeatedly out of frustration.  Go for rich deep blues or charcoal even and instead, accent with whites and light wood.  Bring in natural metals like copper and silver on vases and fixtures to keep the feeling balanced.   And lastly?  Just add mirrors.  From one large mirror, to a cluster of various mirrors, this is helpful in most areas to add the illusion of more space and even to allow light to bounce off.   

See?  You have options.  You no longer have to resign yourself to the cave your realized your dream home to be.   Now, don’t tackle this alone.  Please, call us at Unique Home and let us know how we can help you make these changes easily and in a way that fits your budget.

Happy living to you!

by:  Navae Fiona

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