How often have you looked at your kitchen and wished you could just, “spice it up”?  Most people want to and many don’t know what to do.  Whatever the desire or need, tho, there are a few things you can do or take into consideration when you finally do desire to take that plunge into kitchen remodel and redecoration. 

Well, kitchen remodeling ranks among some of the most popular places to start with home improvements. Why? It provides an excellent return on your investment. A beautifully renovated kitchen can provide better storage, sleek ergonomics and an even higher resale value. So, whether thinking upgrade or resale, here are some trending kitchen remodeling tips to make you oooh and aaaah

Coffee anyone? The most modern models are able to deliver customized cups of coffee, cappuccino and espresso with just one button. Elegant, built-in designs save limited counter space and make for a very modern start to your day. 

Cabinet Sophisticate. When it comes to storage, cabinets have gone far more minimal with their floating units, who’s systems are concealed behind sliding doors, touch-latch fronts – eliminating the need for ugly hardware, with an array of unique finishes to choose from such as aluminum, bamboo, lacquer, or frosted and translucent glass.

Color it well! Retro kitchen accents in colors such as red, yellow, orange and cobalt blue give today’s modern kitchens a burst of color therapy. You can choose to stick with basic blacks and grays, earth tones or even white minimalism.  Accenting with bright appliances, towels or fixtures are a great way to again, ‘spice it up’ for you mood and meals!

Counters count! Counters are going from common to couture with custom touches such as wooden butcher blocks and marble pastry slab inserts. Homeowners are mixing materials, such as concrete embedded with bits of glass and metal. Stone, such as soapstone and marble, remains a popular counter top material.
Happy hour at home?  The latest development in wine refrigerators are including beautiful freestanding models that have the capacity to as many as 147 bottles! Other smaller, attached units complete with built-in refrigerator drawers are also available.  So, it’s now ok if you don’t have a rustic wine cellar in Italy.  Start collecting!
As you can see, there are many options out there for every home.  You just have to start somewhere!  Don’t be overwhelmed or afraid!  Here at Unique Home Building, we are ready for your home remodel or renovation face lift!  Stop by and let us know what we can do for you!

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