Green remodeling is a hot topic these days and it’s no surprise either. But there are so many options out there to make sure your home is efficient, sustainable and has a low carbon impact on the environment. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed and all and would like to take some of the planning stress away! So here are 5 important tips to read before remodeling or renovating your home.   

Before You Create, Re-Evaluate.
Before you choose to dive in and remodel, re-evaluate what you currently have to work with. Consider your floor plan, your reasons, what you have to achieve and how long it will all take. Remember to rally work with your floor plan. Do what it is you know you need to do but also see what’s possible on a smaller scale for more sustainable options and to save you money- which everyone enjoys! Be sure to ask yourself, do you really need more space? How much space do you need to be comfortable in your home? Are you able to borrow from the adjacent space to create the extra square footage you’re wanting? If you still need more space, feel free to consider a small addition.

Remodeling can be a difficult and often stressful project, so if you feel in doubt about anything along the way, that’s what we at Unique Home Building are here for. Allow us to be the professionals to assist in this exciting process. You wouldn’t perform your own surgery, so let the expert do it.

Time for an Audit
Don’t worry.  We aren’t talking about your taxes, so rest at ease! A great idea is to audit your energy usage and efficiency, helping you keep in mind the sustainable changes you can make throughout your whole process.  By including a thorough energy audit, you’ll not only save money, but in the end, you’ll lower your home emissions on an even grander scale.  As a result, your home will be easier to maintain and you’ll be proud of your lowered carbon footprint; win win for everyone, right?

Go for Quality
It’s the same for most people, you’ll feel most like you are ‘home’ when you walk in and the feel has quality and unique character. However keep in mind that if you go too far, you’re going to end up with a cluttered space that feels both uninspired and no longer like a representation of you. When a room feels inspiring, we are more likely to care for it with gratitude and sustain it’s character. 

Lighting Makes Things Clearer
If you can include reflective surfaces in darker rooms, you’ll be able to augment natural light within your space. One less obvious way to do this is by adding a built-in bookshelf near a window. The shelving edges act as reflective surfaces, bouncing extra light into the room.

Another option is to add a window adjacent to a perpendicular wall, instead of the usual central location; this way, the wall becomes a reflective surface for the light as well. Finally, you can also place soffit reflectors above windows to help transfer light into a room with further reflection. All of these alternative lighting sources help with the ambiance and feel of a space.

Just Add Color
The way the light falls on the colors of your walls can totally transform the feel of a room. You’ll first need to determine the most important wall in each room (your accent wall). This will be the place to which you want to draw peoples’ attention. Figure that out and paint it to your heart’s desire.
At this point, remodeling can allow for more personal freedom of expression in your home. Don’t be shy, rather be creative and experiment with color varieties and  how they each make you feel in the space. Paint large pieces of paper in every color you could imagine (even some you wouldn’t normally pick) tack them to the wall to see what looks good.  You may be surprised to find that the brightest or most unexpected shade fits perfectly on your favorite wall.

Those are some easy to do, responsible actions to take before undergoing a major home renovation, especially when you are wanting to be environmentally conscious with your green remodeling.   We hope they were helpful.  For further help and planning, talk to Dallas, Texas contractors at Unique Home Building, to see how your house can become a greener home. 

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