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We encourage you to read the rather surprising stories we’ve done on our first 4 out of 11 Products that will change your life without breaking your bank:  bath sheetsshower heads, TV chairs
and Tools.  Now we turn our attention to environmental creature comforts.  Why in 2013 would anyone sit in their own home and be too hot or too cold.  Modern thermostats are super smart and seemingly about to get smarter with smartphone app controls.

There seems to be no second choice when it comes to amazing thermostats.  While there are many with fab stats, one outsells all the rest on Amazon by a mile.  The Nest.

The founders of Nest Labs designed iPods and iPhones for Apple before beginning their own Silicon Valley startup, and they hope their innovations will catch on with the iPod generation. The parallels between Apple products and the Nest thermostat are easy to make. The Nest, which is actually sold in Apple’s stores and on its website, has no physical buttons or switches – unless you count the circular thermostat interface itself, which you can twist and press to adjust temperature and navigate menus. This focus on attractive design, intuitive self-programming and simple operation has earned the Nest our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for programmable thermostats.

programmable thermostat

The Nest’s ability to program itself makes it the best programmable thermostat you can install in your home. It quickly learns your preferred temperature and programs itself to your schedule, and it senses motion, light and humidity to constantly fine-tune its settings and create a comfortable living environment, wasting no energy in the process. Nest lets you see how much you are saving and adjust the temperature right from your mobile phone. And while it does only support single-stage cooling, the Nest’s advanced learning technology provides convenience and energy savings you won’t get from any other thermostat.

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