Did I hear that right??  You Did What?

Your Dallas Room Addition Can Be a Great Experience or a Disaster

The Remodeling Horror Stories

Everyone has heard the stories.  You hire someone to add a room to your Dallas home or do other remodeling jobs and everything that can go wrong does go wrong.  The project goes twice as long, creates twice as much stress, and cost way over your budget.

Oh it can be way worse than that.  The “contractor” or glorified handyman takes a deposit and never shows up.  Or maybe he shows up, starts the work, asks for more money with some sob story about his mom or his kids and you believe it.  You give him more money, then you never see him again.

Can it be worse than that.  Sure.  The builder does the whole job.  Sure it looked to be a bit under your idea of how you wanted it.  Some things needed to be changed along the way.  You never did quite feel good about things.  The guys always left the place in a mess, especially at the end.  Stuff you thought they should do, you ended up having to do.  Then, when you signed off, things didn’t work that well, and the phone number always goes to voice mail now.

This does not have to be the result.  You can do a few things to make sure that you end up singing the praises of your contractor.

Get References Before the First Meeting

You don’t have to call the potential builder today to get references.  The internet is teaming with them.  Check out Google Places or Google Plus, YellowPages.com and other online resources.  Look the contractor up on LinkedIn to see what others have said about him there.  Go to the BBB Dallas website and find out if there are any outstanding complaints.

Check Out the Company’s Work on their Website

Assuming they have a website, they probably have descriptions of how they work, evidence of their business history and experience, the type of work they specialize in, and a gallery of work they have done in the past.

Call the Contractor and Ask for Personal References

Start by asking for references.  Lots of them.  There’s an old trick I learned when I was doing credit checking.  Everybody has three great references.  So ask for five or even 10 references.  At random, call at least three of these.  You may even want to ask if you can come and see the work.

First Meeting Ideas

Have the first meeting with your best choice and see if you and your spouse both feel he is the right person for the job.  The most critical thing that you can look for is that the contractor is LISTENING to you.  Does he seem to gloss over things or is he answering your questions in detail with great interest?  Can he give you examples of having done similar types of work in the past?  Does he explain how there are choices that need to be made regarding materials, fixtures, and detail that will effect the cost?

Work in Progress

Still not sure.  Ask to go visit a current remodeling project.  This may be possible or not depending on the homeowners.  However, you might even want to talk to the customer who is in the middle of a project.  This is horribly unfair to the contractor, of course.  The middle of the remodel is the time of greatest stress.  But it could be very telling regarding just how things are going.

Check out this video to learn more about why Unique Home Construction is the best possible choice for your project.

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