Dallas Home Remodel
Does this sound familiar: you know you need to remodel your Dallas home, but you don’t know how to finance it? Today we are talking about financing green building projects.
During these tough economic times, many families are concerned about the cost of home improvements, and may be putting them off, even if they are badly needed. Home remodeling is a financial investment, so it is prudent to consider all your financing options before you decide to put it off. 
Making your home more energy-efficient is a great improvement that will save you money over time, as well as increasing your home’s value. The government offers tax incentives that can offset this expense. Accessing these incentives may help you finance your home build or remodel. Federal tax incentives may be available to offset the cost of upgrading your appliances to Energy Star, or installing solar panels or solar energy systems. There are also green building programs through the state of Texas, and the city of Dallas. 
For other ways of financing your home build or remodel project, see our other posts in this series including information on HELOC, and financing through our Dallas contracting company, Unique Properties.

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