Dallas Home Remodel

Does this sound familiar: you know you need to remodel your Dallas home, but you don’t know how to finance it? Today we are talking about financing through Federal Title I loans.

Currently many families are concerned about the cost of home improvements, and may be putting them off, even if they are badly needed. Title I loans may be an option for homeowners who may not qualify for other types of financing because they do not have equity in their home. Loans are available for up to $25,000 in home improvements, and up to 20 year loans. Interest rates are generally much lower than what private lenders charge- sometimes up to 50%. 
The Federal Title I program provides insurance to private lenders. Approved lenders then provide Title I-backed loans to consumers. Applications for Title I loans are available through many financial institutions in the Dallas area. 
Please give Unique Properties a call for all your Dallas-area general contractor needs. We are a licensed general contractor located in a Dallas Suburb offering remodeling, custom home building, commercial, and residential work. We do most of the work with our own staff, and that’s why we are known for quality workmanship and professional integrity. 

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