5 Ways to Make the Most out of Small Rooms and Tight Spots!If you have a small room in your home, you know how challenging it is to decorate and furnish it with the right storage and usable pieces without overdoing, cluttering or ditching the necessities.
However, there are five tips and tricks you can use that will make not only the most of the space you have, but can also leave your small space feeling bigger than before!
1. Small rooms don’t have to have small pieces of furniture. That can actually make it feel worse! A small sofa and chair only provides a little seating and can make the room look sparse, while a large sectional can provide double the seating and create a more cozy and open feeling!
2. Combine and let go. Determine what can be downsized, gotten rid of and what can be stored. Make three piles. Once you’ve done that, measure how much space you’ll need and buy storage bins accordingly.
3. Use mirrors and glass to create reflections and bounce light around.
Making a small space seem grand depends on maximizing light. You can do that with a glass coffee table, rather than a wood or opaque one. You can do it by tucking mirrors into corners, and by hanging art in glass frames, which create reflections.


4. Go with neutral tones and even white curtains. Hang them so that when they’re open, the entire window is clear; open curtains should fall beside the window and not block any of it. Don’t hang curtains inside the window frame. Consider hanging curtains from the ceiling, rather than from the top of the window, which will add height (and some drama) to the space.


5. Don’t waste vertical space. Whether you’re hanging art or shelves, or placing furniture, don’t let vertical space go to waste. Using it is practical, providing a display space for art, for example, and it also draws the eye up, making a space feel more expansive than it actually is. 
Small living can be a challenge, but with a good eye plus the right tips and tricks, any space can be optimized! For more ideas or information about home remodeling, building or customizing, contact the contractors at Unique Home Building today!

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