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A kitchen remodel is the number one way to doll up your house. You spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, so having that room look fantastic and provide outstanding functionality is worth every penny you might spend. As a bonus, a kitchen remodel in Dallas will provide and excellent return on your investment should you ever need to sell.

When Unique Home Builders sits down with you for our first meeting, we go over every aspect of the changes you might want to make.  From appliances, cabinets and countertops to flooring, lighting and plumbing, Unique Home Builders is with you every step of the way. We don’t overlook anything. By thinking about every detail in advance, we help to insure that your new kitchen remodel will be the talk of Dallas. Contact Unique Home Construction LLC 11300 US 75 Dallas, TX 75243 214-533-0716

9 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen This Year

by Sarah Latta | Jan 08, 2013

This article was found on cultivate.com.
Investing in an upgrade for where you live will not only result in an increased resale value, but the final product will leave you feeling happier and more fulfilled for the long-term. If you make one upgrade on your house this year, let it be your kitchen. After all, it’s the most important—not to mention most popular—room in the home, and it offers the biggest bang for your remodel buck.
Need more incentive? Here are 9 reasons we think you should consider remodeling your kitchen this year.
Recent Design Trends – Since the “Kitchen Triangle” theory of the 1940s, a lot has changed in the world of kitchen design. New kitchen design ideas that better serve homeowners are popping up like apps in an iTunes store. Innovations include undercounter refrigerators so children can serve themselves, specialty accommodations for aging-in-place seniors, and enhanced communal areas (example: barstools that disappear into a kitchen island). If your kitchen feels like rush hour around meal times, then chances are it’s time you consider a few of these tricks.
It’s Worth Your Money – According to the National Association of Realtors, a kitchen remodel has
the biggest return on investment when it comes to selling your home—even more than a two-story addition!
You’re Not Moving – With the housing market still being more favorable to buyers, it’s safe to say that, if you have the choice, you aren’t selling your house for a few more years. Even if you plan to move, why not fix up your kitchen now so that you can enjoy it for a few more years? If you do end up selling it later, you’ll score a better sale.
A Lower Energy Bill—It comes with an upfront cost, but Earth-friendly products and appliances are the way of the future. Adding skylights, for example, brings in ample sunshine, reducing the need for artificial light. Energy-efficient appliances and solar water heaters cut down the utility bill and place less stress on the environment. A new refrigerator with an Energy Star label, for example, uses 40 percent less energy than conventional models sold in 2001.
A Plan for Your Future – In September of 2010, the government published the updated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) design standards—and it was the first time they have been updated in almost 20 years. Compliance with these rules were then made required just last March. Although the new codes are fairly rigorous, if you plan to stay in your home as you age, you’d be wise to incorporate some of the codes into your kitchen design.
You Have Options – Committing to a kitchen remodel doesn’t mean you have to go the whole nine yards. If a full kitchen remodel isn’t in your budget, try a partial or a simple update. With conservative consumer spending still on path for 2013, design professionals will be more inclined to work with your financial situation.
Current Appliance Advancements – Appliance manufacturers are spending lots of money to discover technologies that make cooking easier and healthier. Miele and Sub-Zero &Wolf, for example, sell a steam oven that, in addition to veggies and fish, prepares entire meals like meats, poultry, cakes and breads—all simultaneously. The increasingly popular induction cooktop speeds up cooking and makes it safer for kids and pets too.
Financial Incentives You’re likely to see financial incentives pop up again this year, including sales at home improvement centers, cash rebates for trading in outdated appliances, remodeling grants and low- or no-interest loans.
It’s Fun! Yes, you’re spending money (which isn’t fun), but it’s also a chance for you to express your unique personality and tastes. Kitchen design is more innovative, creative, and robust than ever, and you’ll truly enjoy sifting through trends and materials to find the combo that speaks to you most. The result? A room that is inherently “you,” with the added benefits of better function and form

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