Kitchen Islands Are Requested By Home Buyers

A kitchen island is an everything space and natural focal point in the center of your kitchen.  It can be used for storage, eating, food prep, seating, counter space and more.  No matter the size of your kitchen, an island can add function and style, not to mention increrase the value to your home. Unique Home Design can build just what you need for your kitchen. Whether it is just the island or remodeling your entire kitchen. Contact Unique Home Construction LLC 11300 US 75 Dallas, TX 75243 214-533-0716
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6 Ideas for Customizing your Kitchen Island

These days, it seems that no kitchen remodel is complete without an island. Not only are they a must for defining work zones within an open-plan kitchen, but they’re also blank canvases for adding personal style and custom details that can help you live, work and cook better. The result? An all-around happier kitchen. So whether you’re fixing up an existing island or planning a new one, consider trying one of these ideas for transforming an island into your personal paradise.

Turn Up the Contrast

Given its centrality in the room, an island makes a natural focal point. Many designers amp up the attention-grabbing factor by choosing a palette for the island separate from the rest of the cabinetry. When the surrounding cabinets are dark, an island painted or stained a light color practically glows. Likewise, a dark island punctuates a pale scheme, drawing the eye and grounding an ethereal space. If you’re a fan of bold hues, give your island a coat of paint in a happy color for visual punch.

Make the Hard(ware) Choices

Drawer pulls and cabinet knobs offer countless ways to bring personality and functionality to your kitchen. With an island, you have the opportunity to use hardware even more creatively. Consider hanging a towel rack or two, pictured here. They’re not just for bathrooms anymore! Add a row of hooks to hold oven mitts, pizza peels and whisks. If your island includes a mini fridge, mount a bottle opener next to it so kids and guests can help themselves to drinks.

Occupy a Niche

Many island designs include open shelves or glass-fronted cabinets. Ideal for storing your culinary library, for sure, but if your kitchen items are less display-worthy, turn to bins and baskets. You can toss just about anything into them—from potatoes to pot lids—while keeping the overall aesthetic clean. They also layer softness into a room that’s predominately composed of hard surfaces.

Top It Off

Another way to give an island extra panache is by topping it with material distinct from the counter tops. Butcher block is a natural choice for an island, turning the entire surface into a prep station; it also complements nearly any décor or color scheme. For those who want high style on a short budget, go with a luxury material on the island—such as a large slab of marble or granite—and use a more affordable option on the rest of the counters.

Look Into the Light

Whether you use your island primarily for cooking or dining, you’ll need proper illumination. Many designers select pendants, because they bring the light closer to the work surface and look good in multiples (helpful if an island is extra long). If you want to dial up the drama, try installing an eye-catching chandelier or expansive multi-arm fixture over your island. Be sure to put your island lights on a dimmer switch: you can raise the lights for meal prep and lower them for mealtime.

Make It Yours

Your home is, above all, yours; it should embody your tastes, interests and aesthetics. In that regard, an island is no different than any other major design element in your space—so go for the gusto! Incorporate a wine rack and fridge if you’re an oenophile; forgo a cabinet in favor of a built-in food and water station for your favorite pup. Or create a pretty mosaic from broken crockery and china. If it makes you happy, it should make it onto your island.

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