An Common Room Addition That Could Bring More Peace and Joy to Your Life!We’re already talking about remodeling and room additions all the time. You hear of people upgrading their bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens of course, but what about additions that invite you to more peace and calm in your life?


At Unique Home Building, we hear a lot about the needs people have and what they dream about. This gives us an in to what to recommend to you. If you are feeling unsettled, stressed or disconnected, here’s what we recommend:


Create a Tea Room
… or coffee, depending on your choice. But have a little nook added on that seats a max of 6 people but feels cozy for just one.


You can create a comfortable window seat or a table with a few chairs. Add cushions or have them available. Perhaps there’s room for an armchair or two?


Storage and Decor
Keep the comfort within reach. Have a trunk nearby to store a throw blanket or some shawls. Keep a basket nearby with a few extra pairs of socks or slippers. Have a bookshelf nearby with notebooks or journals and some of your favorite inspirational or motivational reads, along with a basket of pens, pencils and highlighters.


Keep the lighting warm and golden toned. Use wall sconces if you prefer or even table lamps. Floor lamps are great but you want to be sure your space allows for it.


Creating a mini tea or coffee room gives you a space to do your morning reading and alone time, midday solace and space for togetherness with friends, partners and children alike.


If you liked this idea or have another one you’d like to discuss, please contact us at Unique Home Building and we’ll be happy to go through your options with you!

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