Summer is Perfect Time to Make Any Needed Repairs

Pool time and backyard BBQs are a hallmark of a good summer, but don’t forget also to set aside some time to make any needed repairs on your home. Remember that warm weather months are the ideal time to assess the condition of your roof to ensure your home is ready for Dallas’ next rainy season.

Assess Your Roof

You can prepare for the wetter months by checking your roofs for any damage or leakage. Some guidelines for checking your roofs:

  • Reassess the roof’s overall condition as you look for holes and leaks.
  • Look for any mold pile up as you check the roof lining and gutters.
  • While you’re at it, make sure you clear any debris that has piled up anywhere on your roof. Piles of debris can trap the water into big puddles that then cause rust and the roof to gradually deteriorate.
  • Check for strength, mold pile up, including in the roof lining and gutters.

Minor damage can be easily repaired with special materials found at the hardware store.
If the necessary work is more intricate, you are probably better off hiring a contractor who can repair the roof or can recommend a new one altogether.

Replacing torn or damaged roof shingles is relatively easy and cheap. You simply remove the damaged shingles and put in new one. The downside to this solution is that the new shingles may not match the rest of the shingles on the roof.

Partial reroofing
If you need to repair just one portion of the roof, partial reroofing may be the way to go. But partial reroofing can end up being more expensive, especially of if you have an asphalt roof that already has two or more layers.

Replace all roofing
This brings us to our next item. You’ll need to decide whether to tear off the existing roof or install the new one over the one in place. Generally, shingles adhere better when they are directly on the roof deck.

And if you decide to reroof, keep in mind that the cost of a new roof will give you peace of mind and last a long time. Remember that maintaining your home on a timely basis ensures that your long-term costs aren’t astronomical.

Call Unique Properties Company if you are interested in obtaining a quote for necessary work.

Photo credit: Groton School

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