Best Flooring Types for a Home RemodelRemodeling your home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Depending on how much you renovate, it can feel like you have a completely new home. When considering remodeling, there are many areas of your home to consider. From your walls and countertops to your appliances and roofing, it can all be a lot to manage. While there are many areas of your home that you’d love to remodel, flooring seems to be a popular choice for many homeowners.

In this post, we’ll discuss the best flooring types for a home remodel, and we’ll also explain who to turn to for remarkable home remodeling services.

Natural Stone

One beautiful flooring option for your home remodel is natural stone. Due to its unique properties and amazing appearance, natural stone is a top choice for many homeowners. Natural stone flooring typically comes in the following types: granite, marble, travertine, and sandstone. However, it’s important to do your research on how these natural stones differ since all of them have unique properties. For instance, travertine tends to be one of the more durable options and requires less care than other types. But all in all, natural stone flooring can add to your home’s appearance and durability.


The vinyl flooring of today is far different than it was in the past. While once thought of as a cheap flooring option, this type of flooring has really advanced over the years. Today, synthetic flooring has a high level of durability and does an effective job at mimicking wood, ceramic, and stone. Furthermore, this flooring can be used in pretty much any location because of its versatile qualities. Vinyl flooring is designed for high-traffic areas, and installation and maintenance are extremely easy. From your laundry room to your kitchen, vinyl can be the perfect flooring option for your home remodel.


Hardwood is still at the top of the list of flooring options for a home. This is due to the fact that it holds an exceptional appearance and can last a long time. However, one downfall of hardwood is that it tends to be more expensive, but given its unique qualities, many homeowners find that it’s well worth the money. Hardwood flooring is most common in shared living spaces like a living room or dining room. But be sure to consider the maintenance hardwood requires. Over time, it’s common for hardwood flooring to develop scratches, cracks, and dents; therefore, it should be refinished every three to five years. For its one-of-a-kind look and long-lasting durability, hardwood flooring is a leading option for many home remodeling projects.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

If you want a shiny, durable, and gorgeous flooring option, then porcelain or ceramic tile is a wonderful choice. Thanks to their nonporous qualities, porcelain and ceramic tiles are water resistant and make cleanup a breeze. That being said, this flooring is very common in bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. When it comes to installation, porcelain or ceramic tends to be a little more difficult to deal with. Furthermore, this flooring option can chip and scratch with heavy use. It’s best to be cautious with this flooring and ensure that maintenance tasks are being followed. However, if chips or scratches do happen, you can easily replace individual sections instead of a large area or even the entire surface, which might be the case with hardwood or carpet.


Of course, you can’t forget about carpet as one of the leading flooring types for a home remodel. Many homeowners love utilizing carpet for specific sections of their home, especially in bedrooms. Carpet is soft, warm, and greatly cuts down on noise from walking and moving things around. One other beneficial aspect of carpet is that it is one of the cheapest options to install. Upkeep is one disadvantage of carpet, but there are tons of varieties today designed to help fight off stains, rips, and liquid. To retain the beautiful appearance, color, and durability of your carpet, it’s best to hire a professional carpet cleaner every year or so. If you’re looking to remodel your flooring to something a little more inviting and comfortable, then carpet is the leading option.


Laminate is another flooring type that has really grown in popularity. Homeowners love this flooring option given that it’s cost-effective, easy to install, durable, and comes in many different styles. However, you’ll want to keep it away from moisture, which is why many people decide to install it in bedrooms or the living room.

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