Are you are tired of the way your bathroom looks? But you don’t have the funds for a complete overhaul? Consider your bathroom mirror. It takes up a wall and other than for functionality adds no pizzazz to your bathroom.  Here are three quick and easy do it yourself ideas that you can do in a weekend that will liven up your space and add some characted.
1. Frame the mirror with glass, porcelain, stainless steel or stone tiles
A trip to a tile shop can produce many different kinds of materials at relatively inexpensive prices. From glass tiles to stainless steel pieces you have your selection. If it is color you need to spice up your bathroom look for contrasting colored glass or porcelain tiles; if you would rather give it a sleek and more modern look consider stainless steel.  You could make a mosaic frame using colorful broken glass, or seashells or both! All you have to do is get a tube of calk and glue them in place. Use a wet finger to smooth the calk after it has set some. Alternately you can also use tile grout
2. Frame it with wood or faux wood (no one will even know the difference!)
You can do this yourself with a trip to Lowes or Home Depot where you can find wooden moldings that you would cut with mitered corners and frame around your mirror. These home improvement stores also would introduce you to a framing system such as Mirr.Edge, ( a framing system of Mirror Acrylic or Woodgrain Finished Polymer Strips and Corner Plates easily applied around the perimeter of your mirror to give it a finished look. Or you could hunt around at thrift stores or flea markets and look for a mirror the size of yours and swap the frames out or buy a beautiful frame from a company such as Reflected Design ( Be sure to seal the wood to prevent warping. Bathrooms produce a lot of moisture so look for ways to protect your newly created art piece.
3. Frame it with Wallpaper (yes you really can!)
Buy a wallpaper border that matches your bathroom décor.  You can even try to introduce a theme (sea shells, animals, flowers) with wallpaper.  Cut it to fit the mirror as a border. Just wet it the same as when you apply it to the walls and apply it on. Voila! a completely different and unique look to your bathroom mirror.

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