Building a Custom Home - Where to StartYou dream of building the perfect home for you and your family. You know it can be done. But who do you contact, and where do you begin? When you’re ready to get serious about making your dreams a reality, you need to know a little bit about how the process works. Making the right decisions and plans upfront will save you headaches and money down the line. Here are some steps you can take to get started on the right foot.

Figure Out Your Budget

Custom options for a home are endless. Exploring them can be a lot of fun, but it’s easy to get lost in the adventure. It’s even easier to fall in love with ideas that are just plain beyond your means at the moment. You should always set your budget first. You might eventually rethink it (or aspects of it), but knowing how much you can reasonably spend is essential to the process of designing your custom home.

Set Your Schedule

You don’t have to have exact dates picked. The home-building process is not linear, and unexpected occurrences will almost always arise in some fashion or another. None of that changes the fact that you should have a solid idea of when you can reasonably move into the new house. You can use that idea to plan your initial schedule. From there, you want to bake in some flexibility to make sure you aren’t stuck without a home while the custom build finishes.

Start With Size

Some people have a strong idea of how many square feet they need for their house. For others, square footage can be a complete unknown. Sometimes it’s easier to think about bedrooms, bathrooms, and utilities. How many rooms do you want? Do you need a home office? How many cars do you have? Are you planning on having kids (or more kids)? Is your family going to grow in some other capacity? Do you want multiple floors or not?

There are plenty of questions to ask, and answering them will do more to shape your custom home than any other part of this process.

Consider Specialities

Once you get the essentials sorted, you’re going to move into specialty components of the house. This is where you can get creative. Do you want a wine cellar? Do you need a chef’s kitchen? A media or bonus room? Is a permanent cornhole tournament space the most important part of your home? (Hey, it’s your home – what is important to you?)

Surely there is something that you have envisioned having in your home. It’s okay to think about making that vision a reality, and this is when you should consider the possibilities.

Look at Architecture

Now that you know what the house will include, it’s time to figure out how the house should look. You’ll want to choose or create a floor plan at this stage. You can start looking into design elements. Structural features, such as fireplaces, are determined at this stage.

Many people borrow ideas when it comes to architecture. Feel free to browse the internet at length. Check out Pinterest and Houzz. These visuals can help you nail down the styles you love, even if you don’t know their official names.

You can also get valuable input from your builders and designers. Talk about materials and styles. Do you want a brick home? Are you in love with Pueblo adobe? This part of the process can take a little longer, but it’s when you lock down the elements that make your custom home unique.

Make a Commitment

At this point, you have a general home design, a schedule, and a budget. If the home you want can be built on your schedule and budget, it’s time to commit to a contract. Always do your homework before you sign with a builder, but assuming they have their insurance and licensing up to date (and plenty of positive reviews), you can pull the trigger and get your new home under construction.

The decisions you make in one aspect of a home build will undoubtedly affect other aspects. A good custom home builder can guide you through the entire process. In the Dallas area,  Unique Home Construction has been developing custom homes for decades. You can look at our previous designs and get a feel for our work. When you’re convinced, call us at 214-225-6026 to talk to us about your dream home so we can help you make it your new home.

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