Buying or Selling a Home? Save Money and Increase Your Home's Values with these Tips!Looking to buy or sell a home? Keep in mind these characteristics that not only make it appealing to live in now, but will increase it’s value in the future! 
Whether you have a family and want a new home, or want to investYou need to not only look for a house that fits for you, but also that fits for the majority of the population. Here’s what the majority of households are looking for or are able to adapt to:
  • Look for a minimum of three bedrooms and a maximum of four. Two bedroom homes mostly cater to single people or couples that do not or will not have children (and aren’t concerned with selling their house). At the same time, homes with five bedrooms or more cater to those who have a healthy number of children, or plan on having them in the near future. That makes three- and four-bedroom homes the perfect size for the majority of the population, with three bedrooms being ideal. If you haven’t noticed, large suburban homes that are energy drainers are quickly going out of style.
  • In terms of number of bathrooms, 1-1/2 or 2 will make the home more desirable than just one. If you’re looking at a house that could cheaply add another half or full bath, you might have a good find.
  • Square footage is important, but not quite as much as the number of bedrooms. Typically, you’ll want more than 1,000 (with room to expand) and less than 2,000 for a home to be comfortable and efficient for the majority of the home-buying population.
Whether you are buying or wanting to sell, you know that what can make or break the opportunity is whether or not you or the buyer want to actually go it the house. If you’re looking to flip or buy cheap and renovate,find an attractive home from an architectural perspective that just needs aesthetic upgrades. Finding a home with an ugly paint color and really poor landscaping can be a major find!
Here are some other cheap ways to improve a home’s curb appeal before you sell it and things that are easy to fix if you’re looking for a cheaper buy:
  • Paint the shutters
  • Power wash everything
  • Refinish the porch
  • Add landscaping that looks great year-round
  • Water the grass until it’s the greenest on the block
  • Add a nice new mailbox and address numbers
When it comes to buying a home, you want to avoid major structural issues that will cost you big money to fix or will lower your leverage when it’s time to sell if you haven’t fixed them. Here are a few of the biggest culprits:
  • Do not buy a house that has issues with the foundation. If you see large cracks in the foundation outside or on the basement walls, or the walls look like they are caving in some spots, kindly leave the house and look elsewhere.
  • Termite or carpenter ant damage is common in some locales, and it may be hard to find an older home that hasn’t had a little damage at one point or another. The key here is to find a home that does not have major structural damage and has no signs of current issues. Some home inspectors will actually insure for a year or more that there are no current signs of infestation, and if they appear, they will cover the costs to terminate.
  • Have you ever walked through a house that makes you feel claustrophobic or just didn’t feel right? Odds are that other people feel that way in the same homes. Don’t buy them. This may be remedied by knocking down a wall or two in some homes, but that can be an expensive project and you may be risking structural damage.
  • Avoid buying a house that has signs of mold or water damage. They can be very expensive to fix and usually are signs of larger foundational or roof issues. Here again, a good home inspector will be able to test or look for both.
  • Beware problems with the electrical and plumbing systems. These are a home’s lifeblood, and replacements are costly.
Buying and selling a home can be a lengthy and confusing process.  But hopefully these tips have helped you feel a little more clear about what to look for and what to do before you take the next big step. The contractors at Unique Home Building believe that every home owner deserves to have the best experience possible.  Please call us today and let us know how we can help!

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