How To Figure Out What Your Remodel Will Cost?

 Whether you are building a new home in Dallas, completely remodeling an old one or doing a kitchen, bath or room addition: It really is a question of your unique project, but you can get a rough idea of how much that remodel or home construction project will cost...

The Number One Most Critical Decision in Doing A Bathroom Remodel

How Do I Select a Dallas Contractor for My Bathroom Remodel? Remodeling your out-dated bathroom in Dallas can be a seemingly difficult task, but only if you select an inexperienced or under capitalized builder.   When you use a trusted resource with years of...

General Contractor Vs Handyman? This Dallas Design/Build Firm Knows The Answer

What is better…a General Contractor or a Handyman?  Let Unique Home Build answer those tough questions about what kind of work is appropriate for a handyman, and which requires a general contractor.

How To Choose A General Contractor

One of those nagging tasks out their can be choosing a great contractor to complete those projects you have piling up on your list.  Dallas design build firm Unique Home Construction offers some tips on how to select a general contractor that fits with you.

Enjoy Your Cookouts with an Outdoor Kitchen

Ever wanted a dream outdoor cooking space?  Unique Home Build Dallas can make that happen in no time, and build the outdoor gathering area you have always imagined.  Nothing can be more fun than hosting get-togethers and family events in a space you have always...

Dallas Design / Build Firm Can Turn Your Attic Into A Wonderful New Room

Ever wondered how to turn that old dusty attic into a usable family living space?  Unique Home Construction walks you through the steps of just how easy it is with the right guidance.  Dont let that square footage go to any more waste.

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