Not very many people realize that they can make easy changes to their home that boost their health, immune system and quality of life! But the truth is, the additions and changes are all quite simple and make a world of difference.

If you’re a homebody looking for a way to make the experience even better for you and your loved ones, choose the home additions that are good for your health!

At Unique Home Building, we are in the business of making your home life better. Here are our top favorites:

Choose the Home Additions that Keep You Healthy!Home Saunas: There’s a lot of talk about saunas these days, and that’s because they do so much for your health. Because of their heat factor, they aid your body’s circulation and ability to detoxify faster. This leads to muscle and joint pain relief, glowing skin, healthier hair, cleared respiratory system and better sleep. Sounds about right!

Skylights: Many studies have been done to show how much natural light does both for the physical health through the vitamin D and through the mind-body support natural light has on the emotions for people struggling with depression and mood disorders. These are great in darker rooms, living rooms, kitchens, home offices and children’s play rooms.

Water Filtration System: These are simple to install and you can both taste and feel the difference. Many states have different laws as to what’s allowed in the water system, but you have the power to filter out what you don’t want – and eliminate the possibility of consuming chlorine, flouride and even residual flushed medications! (Who wants that?)

Choose the Home Additions that Keep You Healthy!All Weather Porch: One of our favorites, this one has the benefits of skylights on a grander level. Adding an all weather porch means that you get to sit ‘outside’ in the protection of your home, in every season. For places with colder winters, add a dutch oven and double paned windows to watch the snow and rain fall in the warmth of your enclosed porch! In the summer, simply open the windows and doors to enjoy the breeze.

Many people spend a lot of time at home, be it due to having small children, working from home, or simply because you enjoy it. Well now you can have the amenities of getting away to a resort, in your own space.

The contractors at Unique Home Building are experts and customizing your home to suit your needs. Please contact us today to see what we can do to make your house even more of a home.

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