Conversation Topics to Keep Thanksgiving Meaningful and Fun!
Whether you gather with your friends and family often or only for the holidays, it’s important that you talk about new things instead of the same old gossip, frustrations and updates. Wouldn’t it be great to instead gather together and talk about things that bring you closer and help you get to know each other in deeper and new ways?


Well, at Unique Home Building, we’ve gathered together a list of just the conversation topics  you need to keep your Thanksgiving fun and meaningful!


The Fun Ideas


Music: Have everyone share what they felt has been the best and worst song of the year and why. Compare the Beatles to Bob Dylan and get people’s input. Talk about music and how it influences mood and behaviour.


Travel: Have everyone share the destinations on their bucket list. Where do they want to go and why? Where have they already been? What do they like and dislike about travel? Have people share their memorable travel stories:


Embarrassment: Almost self explanatory, have everyone share a totally embarrassing story. To make it more fun, have it be from this last year – or from when they were nine years old or similar. After the end of the story, have a show of hands of who can relate or has gone through something similar!


The Meaningful Ideas


Gratitude: Instead of the usual “sharing what you’re thankful for”, really be in gratitude. Before or after the meal, take a deep breath. Silently look around at everyone. Make eye contact. Then allow everyone to take a turn sharing their gratitude for both the person on their left and one other person at the table or in the room. We as a society are great at sharing that we are thankful for food, shelter, clothing and such – but we fall short in sincerely sharing our gratitude for other people. When people feel they are appreciated, they do more of whatever has been noticed and appreciated. Appreciation creates a desire in our hearts to do and love well.


Goals: Share some of your goals for the last year. What were they? Did you meet them? What stopped you and what kept you going?


More Goals: Share your goals for the next year. Are they the same ones? Are they built on this last year’s goals? What will you do the same or differently to help you get there?  How have these goals made you more thankful in life?


These are all great conversation boosters and will help you to get deeper and closer to your friends and family members. And at Unique Home Building, we know family. We’ve spent years making homes for families and bringing people together through our home building and remodeling services. We stay committed to it because we know you deserve to be together in the way that feels best.


So this year, come together, get connected more than ever and if you’re in the Dallas, Texas area, remember to contact Unique for any and all home needs!


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