We all put so much effort and thought into paint colors and keeping our appliances updated, but the one place that gets so often overlooked is the bathroom! When thinking of selling your home, there are definitely some key points to consider when it comes to how the bathroom affects your home’s resale value and Unique Home Building wants you to feel supported and educated.

Don’t let your bathroom lower your home’s value. Keep the following tips in mind:

Don’t over match.
If you have more than one bathroom, don’t go over the top making them identical. Doing them identically may suggest getting fixtures on sale, and therefore might imply lower value – having some common elements will create a cohesive aesthetic.  You don’t want the bathrooms to be too different (i.e. brass fixtures in one and chrome in another).  Pick a few things to keep the same, as a base.  Then choose some specific items to make different. 

Appease the woman.
Could Your Bathroom Be Lowering Your Home's Value? You Might Be Surprised.While Roman showers are wonderful and luxurious, never totally forgo the bath. If you’d like to renovate the master bathroom, consider both options if possible. Mom’s still like baths, so renovate the master bathroom to prefection and leave the kids standard 4 or 5 piece unit alone. The money you save can go towards the kitchen, skylights, landscaping.. etc.

Consider the children.
Anyone looking to purchase something larger than three bedrooms, will potentially come with children, and children love baths! There have been many cases where potential buyers love a home but are concerned about not having a hallway bath available for babies and children.

Sink well.
Don’t underestimate a beautiful and updated sink. If the sink and it’s fixtures are ancient, your buyers will get the feeling that you only white washed the home. The sink is something we use multiple times, every day.  Make it look inviting and clean. 

You deserve the best return on your own investment. So don’t stress on the guesswork. Let the contractors at Unique Home Building do the hard work while you relax and rest easy, knowing the best is on it’s way. It’s your home. Enjoy it!

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