Custom Home Trends of 2019As each year passes, new custom home trends and interior design fads make headway in the industry. Just last year, homeowners were keen on rose gold and exposed lighting. In 2019, we’ve witnessed the start of many new custom home trends. If you’re interested in a custom home build, maybe you’ll want to consider a few of these trends for your project. They’re certainly worth exploring for their elegance, functionality, and cost!

Kitchen Design Trends

In 2019, we suspect quite a few custom home trends will make their way into the kitchen. For instance, we’ve already noticed a considerable uptick in the following trends:

  • Full-tile backsplash walls above the stovetop and counter space. These attention-grabbing backsplash tiles mesh well with most décor and color arrangements. You can even go wild and picky some truly wacky combinations.
  • Window walls. The extra view from your kitchen sink, with an entire wall of windows looking out onto the backyard, will be worth every penny. Of course, for this trend, you’ll need to sacrifice kitchen cabinet space.
  • Wood everything. Wood in the home has always been a popular choice. However, this year, we’re noticing a lot of custom homes are opting for medium-tone wood-on-wood, which can add warmth and a touch of style.

Bathroom Design Trends

Next, let’s explore the next favored room to custom build for most people: the bathroom.

  • Natural wood vanities. These natural wood vanities add warmth and a lived-in appearance to any cold bathroom space. Many are opting for reclaimed wood or light colors.
  • Electric fireplaces. The bathroom seems like one spot you don’t want an electric fireplace, but it’s all the rage right now. An electric fireplace is relatively affordable to install and looks exquisite for years to come.
  • Easy to use shower controls. To avoid the cold blast of water in the morning, easy to use shower controls on an opposite wall from the shower head are making a considerable return.

For the top custom home builds of 2019, look no further than Unique Home Build. Give us a call at 214-533-0716 to get started!

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