Good design considers everybody.

How does your home represent you?

Is everyone represented?  Does everyone feel at home?   It’s usually pretty easy to walk into someone’s home and know who has the most influence; the man, the woman or the children. You’ll generally know the age and preferences of the main decorator.

How a home is built, painted and decorated all tells a story of it’s inhabitants.  One look around can tell you a lot – from whether those living there are home bodies or world travelers, what they collect, what makes them excited, where they hold priorities and even fears.

This is important to take note of for both ourselves and for our guests and I want to inspire your thought process about this in two parts.

First of all, what we surround ourselves in, is our current reality.  Is your home disorganized and full of clutter?  If so, maybe that’s just you and you are totally comfortable with that.  Some people are.  But if it’s not you, and you find your belongings scattered and misplaced, this can domino itself into other areas of your life and leave you both confused and quite overwhelmed.

So the question really, is, do I WANT my life to be like this?  Do you?  Taking it further, do you want others to walk into your house and think you want it this way?  (Hold on, I’m not talking about cleaning and organizing for others opinion’s sake – but let’s uphold your true self here, if that’s not who even YOU want to be, then let’s stop misrepresenting your individuality!)

We shouldn’t forget to consider the other members of the house hold and family.  Men, women and kids alike all tend to have different preferences.  Some will be messy, organized, like minimalism, enjoy country decor …  obviously, the list is endless but if you don’t take time to consider everyone’s needs, someone is bound to feel frustrated and resentful.  And the whole point is to create a home, right?

Home = Togetherness

So all should be considered.  Kids like order, even subconsciously.  It creates a feeling of stability and predictability for them.  So, are there ways that the more organizationally relaxed members of the family would be willing to get organized on a surface level?  Can Saturday morning be the day that everyone does their share of cleaning?  (Or for those who’d like to spread it out, do it during the week?)

I understand that I haven’t even addressed paint colors and color schemes.  That’s because, you can’t go that direction until you’ve properly determined this one.

So here’s my homework for you.  Talk to your spouse, your children, your parents or your house mates and discuss what makes the house feel like a home to you.  What feels welcoming and what makes you feel joy and peace?

Keep your eye out for the next post, where I will talk about the next steps with layout, remodeling, structure, paint, decor and mood.  At Unique Home Building, our goal is for you to feel at home where you live.

It can feel clausterphobic when you’re living in a space that doesn’t feel like home to you; doesn’t feel like YOU at all. So let’s find out what needs to be changed so you and your family can thrive in the place you know best.

Part 2:  Do You Feel Out Of Place in Your Home? Let’s Change That

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