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Don’t Get Burned When You Remodel.  Use a Licensed, Insured, Builder in Dallas

No Requirements in Dallas for Licensed General Contractor – So Buyer Beware

There are no requirements in Dallas that you hire a licensed general contractor for your custom home or your remodeling job.  However, given that remodeling a home or building a new one can turn out to be a disaster and will almost certainly have some stress in the process, your best chance for a great result is to hire a licensed, insured general contractor.

1.  Since anyone with a hammer can solicit your business for work on your home, you can generally expect that a company that has gone to the trouble to become licensed, and is willing to take on the expense of insurance, is more serious about their craft.  Would you buy your car from someone down the block who built it from scratch?  Have surgery with a doctor who was self taught?

A licensed general contractor has to pass tests and provide documentation that will help you if there is any problem.  Therefore there is less likelihood of having a problem.  We have heard the horror stories of jobs that were paid for and then the guy never showed up again.  Or the materials used were not what was promised, but the handyman’s cell phone turned out to be a burner.

Why take chances to save a few dollars.  A licensed general contractor will be able to help you understand the costs of the job, the options, and will still be around when the job is completed.  Unique has been in business since 1996.  We will be there for you even years after the job is complete.

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2.  When you use a licensed contractor, you have a method available for dealing with conflict other than going to court.  The licensing authorities will take your complaint and help you to resolve it.

3.  You might also check out the contractor through BBB.  Are there unresolved complaints.  Is the company a member in good standing.  Then, if there is an issue, the BBB becomes one more outlet for a resolution

4.  We all know the general rules regarding permitting.  If you don’t get the permits, you may later face difficulties when you have an insurance claim or go to sell the home.  But most homeowners have no idea which changes need permits or how to create or file the paperwork.  An unlicensed worker is unlikely to know how to do these things either.

We build the home to the requirement of your community, city, or other authorities, and we work through the permit process.

5.  As a licensed contractor, we must maintain insurance.  This protects you against unwanted losses just as any other insurance would do.

6.  In order to get the license, a general contractor must pass specific requirements.

7.  Peace of mind.  May we recommend that you not only check us out as a general contractor, and on BBB, but that you call our references and visit our job sites.  We want your experience to be one for celebration, not a sad story you tell your friends about over coffee.

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