Don't Ruin Your Family's Thanksgiving! Avoid Big Mistakes with These Helpful Tips!Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks.  However, it is also a time when a bunch of people enter into your house, eat turkey, watch football, and put your home’s durability to the test. But worry you not, your feast can still be a great experience, with just few pre-emptive preparations, this year’s Thanksgiving Day can be fun, relaxing, and restful. 

Purge Your Old Spices:  Spices get old.  Unless you want your nutmeg to taste like bland chalk, now is a great time to dispose of outdated spices and replace them with something fresh.  Just do the taste test.  

Check for Smells:  You may be accustomed to living with your sweet animal and not even notice that your home smells of canine.  So this is a good time of the year to clean your surfaces.  If you have carpet, get it cleaned.  If you have hard-surface floors, make sure they’re swept of pet hair and mopped. One that usually gets forgotten is the tops of dining room chairs; especially the “spare” ones that live in the garage.

Make Your Pamper Appointments Now:  Remember, the holiday season sneaks up on all of us…and before you know it you’ll be looking at your hair in the mirror and wondering if you really want to be remembered in holiday photos with your mane in shambles.

Weatherize: Nothing says “we have to go now” faster than an uncomfortable home.  It may be a little tough to get a home efficiency audit  before the holiday, but the reality is that the cold season is just starting.  A home energy audit will tell you where your home is leaking air and the best course of action to make your space more comfortable and save you money. So schedule one asap if you can, but in the meantime, notice where there is a draft, seal up leaky windows and employ space heaters if you can. 

Check the Electrical:  Basically, make sure your home’s electrical system is up to the task of all the baking and heating that about to occur.  If you’re tripping a breaker when you iron your clothes now, imagine how familiar you’re about to become with the circuit breaker when you’re preparing a massive meal and the lights go out. Be prepared. 

Frugal Decor:  If you haven’t already decorated—those same pumpkins and fall leaves that were for sale at full price before Halloween are now steeply discounted—and they work just as well for Thanksgiving. 

Toilet Test:  Thanksgiving will test your toilet. Second only to Super Bowl Sunday, Thanksgiving is a very busy day for the ever loved water closet.  If it is acting up now…chances are it could have melt down when the flushing frequency goes up.

Don’t let these last minute surprises get you down! Be prepared and be sure to let the contractors at Unique Home Building know where, how and when you need us! We’re here for you!

Have a wonderful holiday!

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