Earth day is coming in May.  I know that’s a little bit away, but it got me thinking about the preparation involved in conscious living.   I’m excited to inspire action in you today, because now you have TIME.  If I were to wait and announce Earth Day’s arrival, you may smile and get on board, but you are also likely to let the inspiring moment pass, as though that was your only chance to make a change.    

We are living on an earth that was gifted to us and created with love.  The best way we can show our gratitude for this is to tend to it well.  Additionally, it will leave a more beautiful and better home for future generations to enjoy!  So why not get inspired early?  Let’s start thinking NOW how we can better our home for our own health and environment.  Then, when earth day rolls around, you can be proud that it’s already on your list and you are already taking those steps toward earth care and stewardship! 

Here are some accessible and easy ways to make your home more earth friendly!

“Low VOC paints and adhesives. Homeowners are increasingly searching for paints and adhesives that come in recyclable containers and don’t emit such strong, toxic fumes and cause less environmental damage and create better indoor air quality. Same with indoor paint removers.

High efficiency windows. Window panes that are specially coated to keep in heat during colder months and to keep cooler air inside during warmer months. Sometimes, homeowners are choosing to move windows entirely to different locations to encourage natural lighting and natural breezes in conjunction with ceiling fans.

Replacing aging HVAC systems with newer models that can be customized with an owner’s preference.

Smart thermostats that can suggest or automatically set up a temperature based on a home owner’s living habits.

Optimizing natural light. Homeowners want to take advantage of natural lighting as much as possible, by installing large windows and skylights to make better use of sunlight and reduce their reliance on electricity.

Salvaged materials. Refinishing old cabinets or re purposing old materials to convert them into new pieces of furniture or decorative accessories.

Flooring. Using natural or recycled materials in flooring or hardwood flooring that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Energy-efficient appliances. Refrigerators manufactured before 1993 use twice as much energy as the latest models that are labeled with the “Energy Star.” Later models also offer the more modern stainless steel and oiled bronze finishes, in addition to configurations other than side-by-side freezer and refrigerator units.

Counter tops and back splashes. Using environmentally friendly materials, such as bamboo, recycled glass or others that that the Green guard seal.”  – see Earth Friendly Home Renovation Tips

If you’re really feeling ready to do your part, you can add a mindset of “reduce, reuse, recycle” in your daily life!  Reuse those marinara jars in place of Tupperware.   Reduce your landfill contribution by creating recycling bins in your home for papers, plastics and cans!  It’s an easy addition that makes a BIG difference.  

Life is meant for living and we want you to experience the best of it.  We would love to help you build the home of your dreams and make the earth a better place all at the same time!  

Let us know how we can better YOUR life!

By Navae Fiona

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