We’ve said it so many times before and fully believe it – Your home is your castle and deserve to have it suit you best.  This means you can do whatever you want with it, right? Well…yes, but if you want a good financial return and sweat equity, you probably want to make sure those changes are smart ones.  


Too often, people make choices that really shoot themselves in the foot a few years down the line. Real-estate agents and appraisers say they regularly see homeowners make changes that don’t increase the value of the home by much, if at all. Some remodels or renovations can even bring down the value of a home. Of course, on top of that is all the damage that a lack of upkeep and upgrades can do. Yikes!

So here are some tips to make sure your remodel is a responsible investment. 

Don’t Go Overboard.

A common mistake can be improving a home too much for the neighborhood, turning the home into an expensive and sometimes odd looking space that stands out in disrespectful way. How much is too much? That depends. If you’re in a really nice neighborhood, it would be hard to over improve something. But if you’re in more modest neighborhood, adding a massive wall and iron gate *just* might be pushing it. 

Be Consistent

When homeowners upgrade inconsistently, it totally hurts the home’s value. Don’t pour 40k into your kitchen and leave the rest of the home in the dark ages.  Be balanced about it and cure the deficiencies. Find out what the common improvements being done in your area are and bring your home up to that norm.  If you get to the point where you’re ready to go beyond that, re-read the above point and don’t over do it.

Floor plan rules

So many people are careless when they add square footage to their homes. If you add a bedroom that forces you to walk through the laundry room to get there, which is not functional or appealing.  Another common ‘functionality fail’ is when people decide to have bathrooms on one side of the house and bedrooms on the opposite.  It’s just not thought out properly and will end up costing you far more than you’ll get back in the end. 



We know you want to feel useful and you want to save money too.  Those are big reasons why people tackle the big projects around the house. Unfortunately though, you’re not nearly as good at those DIY projects as you may think you are and the pro’s can see the difference. DIY your little things; the things you have done well a dozen times.  If you have too google a ‘how-to’, go with a professional. 


Color, color!

Color comes down to personal preference for homeowners. You’ll find walls painted with every color from deep blue to blood red. The problem with this is, some homeowners are totally uninterested in returning those vibrant walls back to a neutral color when it’s time to sell the home. A house with black walls or painted wood trimming is so much harder to sell.  In the end, keep it personalized, enhance it with your personal character but don’t go past the regrettable point of no return. 


Here at Unique Home Build, we are excited about the changes in your life and are ready to help you make them happen.  We love being your local Dallas go-to’s for contractors and renovation services.  Please get in touch and tell us where we can best serve you. 

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