Fireworks are a spectacle enjoyed by the masses and the fourth of July gives us a day to look forward to all year!  But are you being safe or setting up your family and children for injury and accidents? 
Don’t be afraid!  This is a time to celebrate and enjoy family togetherness in the beauty of summer!  But it’s very important to make sure you are following the basic safety guidelines so that this is a pleasant experience for all!  
Home fireworks are a magical experience for all.  Here’s how to keep things safe this 4th of July!
    • Never allow children to play with fireworks! I know it’s tempting, but generally, it’s best to let those older than 14 be the ones to moderate and handle these dangerous, yet exciting tools.
    • Make sure to always read and follow all warnings and instructions.
    • Look around to be sure other people are far out of range before lighting fireworks. Jumping flames are never a good experience, especially if they land on someone’s skin.
    • Only choose smooth, flat surfaces that are away from flammable materials, when lighting the spark. 
    • If a firework has malfunctioned, do not relight them.
    • Always keep a bucket of water near by just in case of a malfunction or fire.
    • Line up the home fireworks display with a viewing area on one side only. Think of it as on a stage – don’t let people backstage! It’s too hard to keep an eye on all participants if the display is surrounded.
    • Keep the fireworks sitting on a hard flat surface with nothing flammable around. Make sure any dry leaves, paper or clutter are out of the way. Check the plants and grass – if it’s yellow and dead, that is not a good place to be setting off fireworks. Concrete or a well-watered, green lawn is the best. Using lawn will keep burn marks off the concrete. Then again, do you really want to place flame on your healthy lawn?  Sticking to concrete is best.
    • Only one person should light the display. It’s best to make sure that person is not be drinking alcohol before or during the show as well.
    • Only light one firework at a time.
    • Wait until each firework is finished before lighting the next.
    • Sparklers should only be handled by kids older than 12.
    • Place all used sparklers in the water bucket.
Some Extra Tips:
    • Never smoke around fireworks! (obvious, but – seriously, it still needs to be said!)
    • Do not light fireworks on windy days. Not only will be a huge challenge, but IF they light, the flame could be carried or jump.  
    • Wear cotton clothing to light fireworks. This tip is mainly preventative in case the flame gets on someone’s body. Synthetic fibers tend to melt onto skin, while cotton does not burn easily. 
    • Use a long-tipped lighter for lighting fireworks to keep hands and faces away from fuses.


Be safe out there!  From all of us at Unique Home Building, have a happy independence day! 


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