What Are You Looking For In A Cooktop?

You don’t want to go wrong when picking a range for your kitchen. While the refrigerator might be your largest appliance, the range is the workhorse (boiling, baking, broiling, frying, sautéing, grilling), so you need to find one that works for you—and your living situation. Many factors go into choosing the right range or cooking configuration, including the consideration of some new high-tech features that may be worth a splurge.

Which New Kitchen Appliance Is Right For You?

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Remodeling your kitchen involves so much more than choosing new finishes and appliances. More than any other room in the home, it’s an opportunity to tailor a space to truly support your lifestyle. Whether you’re striving to create healthy meals for a family on the go, pursuing a passion for gourmet cooking, or hosting holiday celebrations, there is a configuration of appliances that will facilitate your kitchen ambitions.

For the Busy, Health-Conscious Cook

If you feel like you’re constantly racing the clock, and you want healthy meals but don’t always have
the time, then the convection steam oven might be for you! It’s a newly popular choice for busy, health-conscious households across the country. And its advantages over conventional ovens are many. For one, a convection steam oven cooks fish, chicken, and vegetables together without odor transfer, in a third less time than a traditional oven. It also preserves more vitamins, flavors, and texture without overcooking and returns flavor and moisture back to leftovers when re-steamed. For the novice cook, you can adjust cooking time to the type and amount of food being cooked.

For the I-Love-Cooking Cook

Luckily for the savvy home cooks with a strong culinary passion, ranges are now available in many configurations tailored to your preferred style of cooking. With sizes from 30 to 60 inches, a range can literally be sized to kitchens large and small. Customize yours with a preferred mix of burners with a griddle, charbroiler, or a French top, which is the cooktop preferred by professional chefs. On a French cooktop, the position of each pan determines how much heat it will receive. Essentially it is the hottest in the center and then cooler as you move further away—so you could simultaneously warm sauce on low heat and boil shrimp on high. Plus, experienced cooks appreciate the precise control of a gas range that can go from high flame to the lowest flicker of heat with the turn of a knob. A dual fuel range gives you the best of both worlds with dual-stacked, sealed gas burners on the top and the Wolf convection electric oven on the bottom.

For the Hostess Cook

You can also choose to separate the range and oven components. An electric, gas or induction cooktop positioned on an island allows you can interact more easily with your family or guests while you’re cooking. Single and double built-in ovens are convenient to use, eliminating bending down to remove heavy pans. They also feature ten specialized cooking modes: bake, roast, broil, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, convection, bake stone, dehydrate, and proof.

For the Creative Cook

Configuring a custom cooking space is fun with 15-inch modules for foods requiring specialized preparation. Is fresh fish and vegetables a mainstay of your diet? A steamer helps retain moisture and vitamins. Choose a fryer for crispy Buffalo wings, French fries, crunchy leeks for garnishes, and beignets for dessert. Or grill meats and seafood, regardless of the weather, with an infrared grill. For authentic wok cooking, the burner of the multi-function cooktop sculpts the gas flame into a plume, focusing heat in the center of the wok, then dispersing it outward.

The Bottomline

Many goals and aspirations, from culinary to social, converge in the kitchen. Whether your passion is sauce-making, wok cooking, or turning out fresh breads and pastries, you have the opportunity and the power to configure your space to suit your kitchen agenda. When you select your cooking appliances based on your lifestyle, your kitchen experience is infinitely more satisfying, with the added bonus of even more delicious meals to linger over.

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