Garage Remodel IdeasWhen people talk about home remodels, they usually aim for the kitchen and bathrooms. While there are good reasons for that, many homeowners completely overlook the potential of one of the most valuable and practical spaces in the home: the garage. A garage remodel can completely transform how you enjoy your house. These remodeling ideas can help you think about what you could really do with your garage.

Make a Workshop

There’s a workshop for every hobby, but let’s consider just three kinds. The first is an auto shop. It’s a classic idea. Cars go in the garage, so why not make the garage where you can do substantial work on those cars? Plenty of people put a toolbox in the space, but with a shop remodel, you can add a wall of built-ins for organizing your tools, get a hydraulic jack to make work easier, or even build a permanent car ramp for better access. If your space is more organized, you can get a large air compressor and upgrade your tools substantially. With a remodel, your garage goes from a place where you can get a little car work done to a shop that feels professional.

A woodshop is another classic. In many ways it can resemble an auto shop — built-ins are still a must. The big difference is that the woodshop will center on the workbench. You want plenty of space, lighting, and electrical outlets so you can take your woodwork to the next level.

The workshop doesn’t have to cater to traditional activities. A remodeled garage is a great space for a craft workshop too. You’ll still value built-in storage and organization, but with a craft workshop, you might consider softening the space. You can add insulation and climate control. You might even consider carpeting the floor.

If you have another shop idea, a remodel can make it work. There’s no reason to hold back.

A Furnished Space

People have been furnishing basements since forever. Why can’t a garage get the same treatment? If you’re not desperate for the parking, your garage can become the favorite room in the house, and you have options. In every scenario, insulation and climate control go a long way. New flooring is valuable too. From there, you have to decide what you want the space to be. It can be a living space with an entertainment center and a mini kitchen for snacks and drinks. It can be a spare bedroom. You can even turn it into a living suite with its own bathroom and rent it out for some extra income. If you’re going that route, make sure you look at some garage loft ideas. They can be pretty cool.

Make It a Place of Play

This comes in two fashions. It can be a play space for grownups or for kids. Either way you go, there’s some crossover. A small kitchen is amazing for snacks and drinks (whether those drinks are juices or adult beverages). The main space is dedicated to fun. While a pool table is the classic entertainment piece, don’t limit yourself if you aren’t a lover of billiards. Foosball, ping pong, arcade cabinets and any number of fun toys can go here. Basically, you’re stealing your best ideas for a furnished space and leaving room for whatever entertainment you’ve always wanted.

Improve Your Storage

This might be the most boring idea, but it’s also likely to be the one you need the most. Garages are the notorious graveyards of junk in any house. You can use a remodel to get all that junk organized. Sure, a few shelves are nice, but with cabinetry, you can massively expand the storage in your garage. At the same time, you’re making the space look beautiful. You’re also pushing yourself to maybe limit the clutter to what fits in those cabinets. Adding vertical bike racks and a tool space can go a long way to helping with your planned storage.

Divide the Garage

The last idea is the simplest and the most practical. Most of us still want to park a car in the garage. You can dedicate part of the garage to your new remodel and leave the other half for the car. You can add a wall if you want to go hard, or you can simply unify the aesthetic of the garage and make your practical space beautiful. It’s all about what makes you happy.

These are just a few ideas. You can spend a handful of minutes on Pinterest and find something that ignites your imagination and gets you ready for a remodel. When you want to make it happen, Unique Home Construction is ready to get to work.

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