Get the LOOK of a Remodeled Living Room with These Easy Tips!

Everyone knows what it’s like to want to change things up in the home, but not everyone is ready for an all out home remodel. That’s ok. When you do want to go that route, Unique Home Building is ready to help. But in the meantime, it might be as simple as some simple addition and subtraction in the living room.

Give your home a visual remodel with these simple ideas!
Start by getting rid of things: So many things clutter our homes and take away the beautiful simplicity that we long for. So why not look at the room and see what you could do without. Smaller couch? One less chair? What about less things on the shelves? Try to stick to just a couple of picture frames. If there are papers taking up space, get a small box to keep them in so it’s still feels peaceful.
Invest in a few fun accent pillows: Couches and chairs are big, expensive items. They are also a big reason why living rooms can appear dated pretty quickly. However, something as simple as changing up your accent pillows can make a big difference, from the color scheme to the overall look of your couch and chairs. For example, you can move from orange/reds to blue/grays, from floral to mod. And I’ll bet at least one person will say “Did you get a new couch?”
Upgrade the lighting: For most of us, the living room is the place we go to relax, which = no harsh lighting. Daytime lighting should be as natural as possible, so look for ways to increase natural light by removing obstacles that may be blocking light (heavy window treatments, furniture in front of windows). In the evenings, the lighting should be soft and warm. Stark lighting = doctor’s waiting room vibe. Soft lighting = cozy in your pj’s vibe, drinking some wine vibe. Lighting can be improved by changing the placement of your lamps, using bulbs with lower wattage, or by installing a dimmer switch.
Add plants: In the form of indoor plants, herb pots, terrariums, or flowering pots. Greenery will instantly freshen up your space and is nice for the health of your space as well.
Add an accent color: Maybe you’re happy with the basic color choice of your living room walls but it’s starting to feel tired. Consider adding one accent wall. This is a great chance to use a bold color choice or wallpaper pattern that you may not want for an entire room but that would look great in a small dose. For a few dollars and a few hours of work, you can completely change the look of your living room.
If you’re looking for some change – start with the little things. Then plan for the big things. At least in the meantime you’ll have a beautiful space to relax in!

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