Give Dad a Break this Father's Day with this Easy Home Improvement Project!Skip the ties and aftershave, dad works hard and deserves a gift he can enjoy and not break a sweat over! We were sitting and talking about what little projects make a big difference in the home and which ones will bring the most beautiful and efficient change. At Unique Home Building, we know what projects make a difference in people’s lives and living spaces and today, we know exactly what we want to share with you. 

Give Dad a Break this Father’s Day with this Easy Home Improvement Project!

A great way to do this is to install granite counter tops. Granite counter tops are an incredibly beautiful item to add to your kitchen or bathroom and are a low cost way to upgrade both the look and quality of your home.

They are also an affordable way to keep your kitchen green.  Here are the benefits:

They Are Durable

Granite is a great countertop material because it’s incredibly durable. It’s difficult to scratch it, allowing it to take a great deal of abuse from heavy cooking, entertaining, family, children and pets.
It’s also ideal as it can handle high temperatures 

They Have Style
Because granite is a natural substance formed over time, each piece has its own unique charm, color and patterning. This means, that no matter where you install your granite countertop,  you can be assured of it’s one of a kind individuality. However, there are still enough similarities that will allow you to color match easily to any cabinet and hardware.

They’re Easy to Care For
Granite countertops are not only long lasting but also resistant to bacteria and easy to care for as well. To clean on a daily basis, you just need some gentle soap, warm water and a soft sponge.  For regular care and maintenance, you want to make sure you also condition the granite countertops as well. There’s a great organic cleaning company, Bayes Cleaners, that has developed an organic granite counter top cleaner that will not only clean but condition and seal the counter tops for the best, most durable lasting finish.

Granite counter tops add both style and usability to your home, not only bettering the quality of life you enjoy in the kitchen, but adds value to your home as well. 

Father’s Day isn’t just a time to celebrate dad, but to give back to him in a way that gives him less work and more appreciation. Give the gift of upgrade and call Unique Home Building to do the job. 

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