Make Sure You Budget Accordingly

No doubt that the best part about renovating is the after part. The part after the work men are gone, the dust is gone and your life is back to normal in your newly remodeled kitchen or home.

Hidden CostsTo get to the end, however, you must first negotiate the middle. And the middle can be quite hard, especially when there are unanticipated costs. If you did your homework before taking on a renovation, then you likely set aside a certain portion of your budget for unknowns: those problems that are discovered soon after demolition or even those costs that occur in the midst of reconstruction. 
Make Sure You’re Not Dipping Into Savings

But there may have been some other costs that you didn’t figure into the budget because, well, you simply didn’t think about them beforehand. If you didn’t think about them beforehand, then that’s extra cash going out of your bank account (hopefully not your credit card). It’s money you hadn’t anticipated spending. Ouch!

Below are a few of those hidden costs that you should try to factor into the budget beforehand in case they become part of your renovation.

Hidden Costs:

Babysitting or kennel fees. You figured the renovation would be noisy and disruptive but you never guessed just how bad it would be. Or how much it would affect, Fluffy, your pet dog. Perhaps your child also needs babysitting elsewhere away from your home to keep him or her away from the dust and noise.  Over time, these costs can add up quickly. Make sure you set aside some money for this possibility if you’ve got little ones (furry and non-furry) running around.

Landscaping. Your lawn and landscaping are sure to suffer as a result of a major renovation. Workers may need to put some of their equipment directly on the lawn. Even if the debris is on a tarp, your grass can be damaged if the tarp is there long enough.  Pieces of debris or toxic chemicals could land anywhere on the outside of your home. At the very least, you may need to replace some of your plants and lawn.

Waste disposal. Perhaps your contractor has already discussed this with you, but it bears repeating that all the waste that comes out of your home will likely go into a dumpster.  Most municipalities will charge you a fee for the right to have a dumpster parked on a public street. Some may require you to have a homeowners’ insurance rider in case there are any injuries involving the dumpster.

Food take-out and delivery. Plan on spending a big chunk of money on meals out if your kitchen is being renovated. The small costs add up.

We at Unique Home Construction can help you anticipate some of these hidden costs, which obviously vary from project to project.

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