Bathroom Trends
An important thing to know before your home remodel Dallas: new laws dictate that all new home construction and bathroom remodels will not pass inspection without low-flow toilets and showerheads. The entire state of Texas also is also moving to strictly low-flush toilets by 2014. So, yes, trends are definitely going green for bathrooms in our arid climate. If you are worried about whether you’ll be able to rinse your hair, though, fear not. Today’s green fixtures pack a lot of performance and even (gasp!) luxury. Comfort is high priority, and the latest technology is redefining bathroom comfort. We see this in digital showerheads, on-demand water heaters, water pressure stabilization, and much greater demand for televisions in the bathroom.
The style today is all about featuring function and comfort, with clean modern lines, soothing color palettes, and quality, natural materials like beautiful tile, and chrome fixtures. Vintage details such as clawfoot tubs, classic vanities, and reproduction or salvaged fixtures are also popular. Whether earthy or nostalgic in feel, the modern bathroom is an inviting oasis, with a gentle footprint on the natural world.

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