How Custom Builders Help Retirees Invest in ThemselvesAs we age, we tend to grow accustomed to a certain lifestyle and our surrounding area. That, plus the rising cost of healthcare, means that staying in one location makes sense. For the growing number of people hitting retirement age, maintaining independence at home is more of a reality than ever before. The advancements in technology and services allow the elderly to remain independent, and custom home buildings can help too.

Custom Home Construction

When we say custom home construction, we don’t always mean building an entirely new home. Sometimes additions, renovations, and new features make all the difference in the world. For elderly individuals, even a little helping hand can keep them in the comfort of their own home. Such additions include:

  • Door Levers – As we age, doorknobs become more difficult to navigate. By installing door levers, we reduce the effort and functionality required to smoothly operate a door for elderly homeowners.
  • No-Step Plans – If you wish your home were more accessible, then consider a no-step floor plan. Falling is currently one of the biggest risks to anyone over the age of 65. By removing stairs and steps, the risk is reduced.
  • Flooring – An uneven floor can pose yet another risk of falling. A good way around this is by installing one-floor type throughout the entire home. Hardwood, for instance, is a smooth surface.
  • First Floor Bedrooms – Eventually, it makes sense to have all the essentials on one floor. The bedroom, for instance, needs to be easily accessible.
  • Stair Lift – If your existing home has multiple floors, the stairs may no longer be accessible. A stairlift or elevator can allow for easy access to each floor.

For accessibility and custom home renovations, contact Unique Home Construction by calling 214-533-0716. We provide homeowners with custom solutions to everyday problems.

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