How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook in Any Home!If you’re ready to have a space of relaxation and rejuvenation in your home, we have the perfect suggestion for you! You deserve to have a space where you can get away, curl up with a book and cool off or warm up – regardless of the season! 

Escape the realities of your everyday life by adding a reading nook to your home. Here you can have the perfect combination of style, comfort and just the right light.  However, the biggest reason people don’t have a reading nook in their home, is the same reason they need one! They are mentally exhausted and just can’t think, much less – create a space to refuel. So we want to take the guess work out of it and help you plan it easily and to your taste. At Unique Home Building, we know how important it is for your home to feel individual to you, and if these ideas get you excited but you want even more, please call us and one of our contractors will be happy to help you out! 

You want to choose an area where you relax as one you know will be special for you.  It can be the corner of the living room, near the big window, or it can be as simple as a rocking chair on your porch. If you can’t find a spot that works, you can build one exactly to fit your needs!. Just pick a space that makes you feel great but also allows you to concentrate and fall into your reading.

Make sure your nook has comfortable seating. You want to know your body will enjoy the space for hours if you can spare it! You can use an oversized chair, large pillows, meditation pillows and even stacks of pillows. Just remember to personalize it and allow it to be adjusted for weather and body needs. 

How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook in Any Home!Mood Lighting
You can go with natural or artificial light; both have their perks. 
With natural light, you use the sun to your advantage. You want to make sure the sun easily breaks through, without pouring direct sunlight into your eyes, causing you to squint at the glare or damaging your skin. You may also consider window treatments or covers to avoid those issues. Natural light is great for the winter and summer alike. 
Artificial light is great for evenings and dark winter days, when you need a pick me up and bright space to escape to. Some options are floor lamps, table lamps and even sconces complete with warm bulbs for the most inviting feel!
Our thoughts? Go for both. This way, you’re always set!

Decor & Accents
Lastly, you want to add the finishing touches that keep the space totally you. Adding a throw blanket will not only keep you cozy, but also keep the space calling you back for more! Add a shelf to keep books and magazines on, or a side table to hold your tea and any flower arrangements you want to add. Add photos and inspirational quotes to the walls nearby to lift your spirit. You may even want to keep a fan or heater close by to make sure your temperature is always stable. 

A beautiful and peaceful reading nook may be just what your home and life are missing! Be sure to find a spot that’s slightly (or greatly) tucked away from the rest of the home busyness so you can truly escape. And again, if you feel you need more and you’re ready to build the perfect reading nook in your home, contact us and one of our contractors will be ready to help!

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