How to Keep Your Feet Warm In the Dead of WinterFreezing feet don’t make for a fun holiday season. Between the snow, the food and the togetherness, you want to enjoy the festivities feeling warm and toasty inside and out, right? We don’t blame you. Winter brings it’s chill but it doesn’t have to overtake you.
There are a lot of reasons for your feet (and hands) to be cold, so let’s make sure you’re doing your best to take care of it and prevent it from happening.
One reason for a colder body can be that your home has a draft. Check the windows and doors for small gaps or air leaks that can be bringing the cold air into your home. If it all feels sealed pretty well, you may still need to get new windows entirely, as thinly paned windows will still let in a draft. If you aren’t sure, have a contractor come check it out for you. You’ll get a better idea on how bad the situation is and some ways to fix it affordably and conveniently.
Cold foods add to an already difficult situation. If your body is cold on the outside, and you feed it cold on the inside, it’s going to have an even harder time staying warm and you’ll likely feel even more tense and immune compromised. Eat steamed vegetables and drink hot tea to keep your body strong and comfortable.
Hot socks. Have you heard of this remedy before? Sprinkle a little cayenne pepper in your socks to boost the temperature on your feet! It really works. Add to that, a pair of wool socks and your feet will be smiling.
Quick water trick. This one is great for a 10 minute fix. Just run your bath with hot water enough to soak your feet up to just past your ankles. Grab a book and a blanket for your lap. Enjoy the downtime and see how fast you warm up!
These ideas are simple and your feet will thank you. Enjoy the holiday season with all it’s joy, togetherness and giving. From us at Unique Home Building, we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons so far!

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