How to Keep Your Home Safe and Fun For Your Little ExplorersYour children are growing and changing. They want to explore the world around them and you want to nurture their curiosities. But you also want the to be safe in their freedom. That’s why it’s so important to design and decorate your home in a way that is safe, accessible and preventatively organized. At Unique Home Building, we help a lot of families create their homes to family friendly and welcoming to people at all ages and stages.


We’ve gathered together some tips and tricks based on our experience, to share with you so everyone in your home can be a safe explorer, especially the little ones.


Round Your Edges
Whether our own children, or other people kids, we are all familiar with the harsh experience of watching a toddler fall into or near the corner of a coffee table. One way to create a safer environment is to consider using a round table, upholstered ottoman, or a few poufs in place of a traditional rectangular coffee table.


Contain Your Cords
Cords are one of the most common ways children get hurt, as they tangle around the body, can get tripped over and also lead curiosities to outlets which is the most dangerous. So it’s important to keep cords from becoming piles of tangled up snakes that can be tripped over, sucked on or simply played with. Children are oddly attracted to what shouldn’t be a toy, so it’s wise to keep the excess cords wrapped up well, fastened together using zip or twist ties and tucked behind and under furniture or stored in a basket. The best option is to go with cord containment storage items that are usually sold at most furniture and home design and electronic stores.


Secure Your Shelving
This is a great one to start with. Make sure that your entertainment center and any other shelves are not able to be climbed. As well, be sure to invest in wall straps to harness the unit to the wall. This way, if your little strong man decides to be a little too strong, the unit at least doesn’t fall down to the floor on onto him. Be sure to have what’s most important, fragile or dangerous out of reach and kept on higher shelves.


Protect and Defend!
Everything can be colored on or spilt on and you’ve got to be smarter than and two steps ahead of your explorer. Leather couches and slipcovers are all fantastic options for your family room furniture! You get to have the perk of quality furniture but with added protection. Many furniture companies offer stain-resistant fabric options, or will spray a protective product on your furniture for an additional fee. When considering color, remember that darker colors will typically last better than lighter ones; however, white slipcovers can be bleached.  You can always go both. Buy dark and keep a lighter colored slipcover around when you want to brighten things up or want to have company around!


Washable Everything!
If you can choose a washable paint sheen, you’ll be investing in a great way to kid-proof your paint job. Paint colors in eggshell, satin or semigloss are much easier to clean up with a mild soap and a damp rag. If you’d rather go with a matte finish, that’s fine too. Flat paints have the benefit of touch-up painting without the presence of brush marks. If you’d like to go with something fun at knee level, chalkboard, magnetic, and dry erase paints are easily available these days at most home improvement stores and create a fun way for kids to safely play and write on the walls and especially windows.


For Feet and Floors
Family life is filled with predictable messes like dust, spills, pet hair and food. Why not keep things simple and install washable flooring options like tile, wood, laminate, and vinyl. If you want to stick with carpet, installing carpet tiles will allow you to clean squares or replace them as needed. Another option is to invest in area rugs that are meant for both indoor and outdoor use, for cleaning ease. When using an area rug, be sure to have the rubber grip pad underneath it, to avoid the rug from moving or folding, avoiding unnecessary trips and falls.
At Unique Home Building, we think the littlest explorers should have the freedom to do what they do best. If You would like more ideas on how to make your home a more child friendly environment, don’t hesitate to call and we will get you on your way.

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