Life is busy and it’s important to have a place where you can retreat and decompress. We

are an over scheduled generation and having a place where we can collect our thoughts and sit in gratitude brings relaxation to the mind and healing to the soul.

But where can you do this, in your crowded home full of people, things and distractions?


How to Make the Perfect Prayer and Reading Space in Any HomeWe at Unique Home Building, have met many different people with different needs and backgrounds, and it seems no matter the person, there are a few needs they all have in common. We want to shed some light on a few ways to bring more peace in your life and build the perfect prayer and reading space to any home.


Dedicate a Room.
If you have the extra space, dedicate a whole room to your needs. No matter how you choose to make your space, it’s important to keep the decor minimal. This isn’t a space you want to get dusty or feel you have to clean constantly, or a place you want to do a thousand things that distract you. Think calm, focused and decompressed.


Choose a corner of a room.
Don’t have a whole room? Dedicate a small corner of a room that can be minimally decorated. Include a pillow, a mat or a small comfortable chair. Perhaps make it face a window, a plant or a small painting that you can look at and let your mind drift.


Any space can be made to fit your needs by including a little book basket with your journal or inspirational material. Have a shelf nearby where you can rest your glasses, some incense or a candle.


How to Make the Perfect Prayer and Reading Space in Any HomeWant to go big? Create an extra space outside in your yard… think of it like a prayer hut. It can be as small as 10 x 10 and totally meet your needs. When we were kids, a treehouse invited us into another world and this little outdoor peace space can do the same for us adults. You can have it wired for electricity and heat or keep it as simple as creating candle light as needed.


No matter your need, these spaces are easy to make and can be designed exactly to your needs. If you want to go small, just write down your ideas about what you need and then make it happen. If you want to go big, call a contractor and get some guidance about remodeling a room or adding a small hut to your property.


You are only limited by your imagination. Follow your ideas into creation and see what unfolds!


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