How to Negotiate with Your Builder

Investing in a brand-new home is already a daunting task. Then, working a custom homebuilder on top of it all can be even more stressful. You’ll have discussions about the timeline, costs, and design preferences. It can all seem so overwhelming. It’s worse if you don’t quite know what you’re talking about or what you want. Then, negotiations may come to a standstill. Here’s how to negotiate with your builder and get the perfect home you’ve always dreamt of!

Set a Firm Limit

Even when building an entirely custom house, you have a budget. A good portion of your research will be knowing your total cost. As such, you should go into the discussions knowing your budget and stick firmly to that price point as your maximum allowance.

Essentially, you want a starting number. You should choose a price that is lower than your ideal price, ensuring you have wiggle room when negotiating with a builder.

Understand What’s Included

When you’re talking to a custom home builder, make sure that you’re both entirely clear on the agreement. You need to know price point, build specifics, and even minor details such as household appliances and the number of light fixtures in a single room. While seemingly insignificant compared to the entire home, these can make a huge difference in the long run.

Discuss Changes

Yes, something will arise during your negotiations and the construction phase. You and your builder should be prepared for last-minute changes and know how to deal with them appropriately. Ideally, nothing will go wrong, but what if it does? Are you ready for adjustments? You should be!

The more you know going into the process, the better deal you can strike with a custom home builder. They will respect your initiative and be ecstatic to work with you.

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